Sdic UBS New Opportunity mixed fund suspension of large single-day single account subscription amount shall not exceed 10,000 yuan

2022-06-24 0 By

On March 16, SDIC UBS New Opportunity Flexible allocation hybrid securities investment fund (hereinafter referred to as “SDIC UBS New Opportunity hybrid fund”) announced that the fund will suspend large subscription from March 16.The announcement shows that, in order to maintain the interests of the existing fund share holders, the fund 16 from A single fund account on the day of subscription, conversion into, regular fixed investment accumulative total shall not exceed 10,000 yuan (A type of fund share, C type of fund share combined calculation).Sdic UBS New Opportunities Hybrid Fund was established in March 2014, with A share of 721 million yuan by the end of 2021.So far the fund’s A-share has returned more than 230% since its inception.