Nanchong is full of literary and artistic style

2022-06-24 0 By

As the Spring Festival holiday draws to a close, Nanchong is full of literary and artistic style.During the Spring Festival, Nanchong planned and implemented nearly 100 online and offline cultural travel activities, including the 2022 Online Spring Festival Gala, the cloud exhibition of fine plays, the Lantern riddles contest, the Spring Festival Photography exhibition, and the fine works exhibition, in accordance with the principle of “small, diversified, scattered, and combination of online and offline”.Langzhong Ancient City zhongtian Tower and other cultural activities, such as old man’s blessings, dragon and lion dance, stilts, bamboo horse and ox lantern, elephant dance, Zhang Fei’s tour of the city, scholar taking examination and so on, are performed in turn. One by one, traditional folk performances have fully demonstrated langzhong’s unique New Year culture.In the Guest Expo Garden of Zhu De’s hometown scenic spot, red songs and dances and Hakka cultural performances are held every afternoon on time, including large-scale stage plays “Our Commander-in-chief”, “Zhu De’s Shoulder Pole”, “Red Monument”, “Song of The Prosperous Times”, “Our New Era”, and “Responsibility”.Visitors can enjoy the fun of Spring Festival while immersing themselves in the red tour and feeling the romance in the drama.Offline performances are full of features and online activities are colorful.During the Spring Festival, city culture tour bureau held a “culture into m · video live in hometown” of the “cloud enjoy high-quality goods of nanchong plays” show, “cloud to admire the beautiful scenery in nanchong city” show, “the group article in nanchong city spring” “nanchong brigade to send gifts” 8 old series such as “new media go grassroots” tour activities, introduced a reward intangible, watch Spring Festival gala, such as drama, guess riddles huimin projects.Up to now, it has broadcasted 32 pieces of intangible cultural heritage videos such as North Sichuan Puppet, 8 pieces of dramas such as Impression of Jialing River, 16 pieces of dramas such as Bright Flower shoes, which have won “Stars Award”, and 9 pieces of Nanchong scenic films.The city library and cultural center have held a variety of online cultural activities through wechat official accounts and video accounts.Including winter jasmine art exhibition and painting and calligraphy masters of “great man hometown” works in four (sichuan nanchong, xiangtan, hunan province and changsha, jiangsu huaian) exhibition, “choi ZhangYao days of spring – the traditional Chinese auspicious patterns”, “famous traditional culture” live, “New Year, guess lantern riddles” riddles, competition of traditional cultural knowledge stage mode “Spring Festival”, “clock read classic share in China”Year” reading, “Cultural travel big New Year’s Visit · Mass Literature Exhibition style” and other series of activities.In addition, all public cultural centers, libraries and museums at city and county levels were open to the public free of charge during the Spring Festival, and more than 670 online and offline cultural activities were held to benefit the people, serving more than 139,000 people.