Dongan: thousands of farmers busy scaffolding

2022-06-24 0 By

Yongzhou News network (correspondent Zhang Zuzhi Tang Meng Ming he Li) the 14th of the first month, long rain cleared up.More than 1,000 watermelon growers in Dong ‘an county, seizing the weather and season, organized staff to set up greenhouses to prepare for watermelon transplanting.Tang Chunlin, a watermelon farmer in Zixi village, Zixi town, Dong ‘an County, said, “We took advantage of the good weather these two days and asked people to finish the shed and start planting watermelons in half a month.”Tang Chunlin is east county zixi town Zixi village watermelon planting old households.As soon as the weather improved on the 14th day, he hired labor to set up and consolidate watermelon planting greenhouses.Watermelon is an emerging industry in the countryside of Dongan. The county has more than 1,000 watermelon growers with an area of more than 12,000 mu.In recent years, the relevant departments of Dongan County and each township in solving the melon farmers capital, technology, information, sales and other difficulties at the same time, highlighting the problem of land use to solve the melon farmers.Rong Yong, cadre of zixi town, Dong ‘an County, told reporters: “The current watermelon industry, it needs to plant a season to change a place, as long as the change of place involves land transfer, some unnecessary conflicts and disputes, our government in the face of this problem we set up specialized personnel to deal with.”Due to the service in place, watermelon production in Dongan County has developed steadily in recent years.Zhang Peng, a watermelon farmer in Yangliu village, Zixi town, who planted only 10 mu of watermelons last year, tripled his area this year.However, since this year, has been a long rain less sunny, to a greater extent affected the preparation of watermelon farmers.On the 14th of the first month, the weather improved, melon farmers immediately organize personnel to erect the melon shed, while contacting seedling merchants, before the end of the first month, complete the melon seedlings into the shed transplant.It is understood that in recent years, the watermelon market in Dongan County is steadily popular, the output value of each mu greenhouses watermelon is about thirteen thousand, and the average net profit of each mu is more than eight thousand yuan.