Big deal done!Harden Simmons swap owners, nets 76 per capita into the championship favorites

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The NBA trade deadline for the 21-22 season is Thursday afternoon, Feb. 10, and teams are busy.After two days of small trades, we finally got a big deal at the trade deadline.After a week of intense negotiations, the Nets and 76ers finally agreed on a trade for James Harden and Ben Simmons.The Philadelphia 76ers sent Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andrew Drummond and two first-round picks to the Nets for James Harden and Paul Millsap, according to Yahoo Sports and ESPN.The deal is likely to be the biggest deal of the season, making both teams championship contenders this season.It is reported that both teams have made a deal after the deal, xiaobian will give you a detailed interpretation in this article.It’s no secret that James Harden has been frustrated with the Nets this season.With Irving playing on the road for personal reasons since the start of the season, the team’s role players slipping, and Kevin Durant’s recent injury, Harden isn’t confident about Brooklyn’s future.According to media reports, the Nets’ big three have played just 16 games together in the two years since they formed, winning just one series in total.Harden’s desire to move to Philadelphia was satisfied, though he was reluctant to leave the team during trade talks.Embiid is having the best season of his career and is currently in the top two MVP lists.With the best pick-and-roll center in the league and the best pick-and-roll guard in the league, the 76ers will have the best offensive firepower in the league.The Philadelphia 76ers have become the most popular team on the buyout market, according to yahoo Sports.Expect them to look for pitchers to fill the void created by Steph’s departure and maximize the pitching abilities of Harden and Embiid.In fact, the Nets made a good trade, minimizing their losses in the event harden wanted to leave.Simmons hasn’t played in half a season, but according to scouts who have watched simmons practice recently, the young star is in great shape.Despite losing Harden, the Nets don’t have to worry about spacing with Irving, Durant, Joe Harris and the newly acquired Stephen Curry.In addition to the players the trade itself brings, the two first-round picks the Sixers send away will be key to the Nets’ further strengthening.According to ESPN, the Nets have been trying to trade Joe Harris with two first-round picks for other star players, and Jerami Grant is one name that has been mentioned.If the Nets can put together a lineup of Irving, Curry, Durant, Grant and Ben Simmons, they can do the same.It is worth mentioning that the Number 13 jersey of the Philadelphia 76ers belongs to legendary center Wilt Chamberlain, harden will wear a number other than 13 for the first time in his career.After the 76ers acquired Harden, the Nets acquired Simmons, and the Bucks added Ibaka, the east is clear.Compared to the warriors and SUNS in the western Conference, the competition between the top teams in the East will be more intense.The Sixers are on the verge of their best chance to win a title in decades.As long as Harden and Embiid stay healthy and fit, the Sixers’ roster has a lot of potential.Harden, Maxie, Danny Green, Tobias Harris and Embiid’s starting lineup of shooting and defense, plus Sabre and Milton off the bench, is a formidable combination.Do you guys think the Sixers have a chance to win this season?Welcome to discuss in the comments section!