Why say Chinese New Year blind date more than 3 times, basically can fail?

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Chinese New Year is a bit like a big robbery, and the love robbery is the hardest of all, because all kinds of feelings come together and suddenly burst forth.Homesickness for a year away, friendship lost for a long time, and the strong affection of parents, these are the things that need to face the New Year.But all of these feelings, together are not blind date this strange feelings come more violent and helpless, the Spring Festival blind date, has become a modern young people Spring Festival the biggest disaster.As the whole society gets older and older, parents urge marriage has become a very common phenomenon. The most common word I hear is that when I was as old as you, my children did not meet at ordinary times. At most, I just urged them on the phone, and I just said a few perfunctory words.But the Chinese New Year is not the same, people directly face their parents and relatives, there is no place to hide, and most people have come back for the Chinese New Year, basically can not find any reason to refuse, so brave to blind date, has become a lot of people helpless choice.If you are dating in the city, there are many places to choose from, such as cafes, restaurants, parks and so on. It depends on personal interests and hobbies.Dating in the village is awkward, either at the woman’s home or at a third party’s.One interesting thing is that if you go on more than three blind dates during the New Year, you will almost certainly lose your wish to be single this year.Why is that? Because the more you watch, the more you don’t know what to do, especially many young people, in their hearts, don’t approve of this kind of dating model.If a woman has been dating more than three times, she will have a comparison in mind, to see which one is good, which one is handsome, which one has a career and so on.But when you compare and contrast, you are not satisfied, because you think there should be a better choice.Especially the boy in the village, no matter how neat, lack of the blessing of the city, always feel less what, look how all not satisfied.When you get to this stage, you are actually out of touch with the actual situation, but compare the reality with your own imagination of the future, so that the immediate results will not be satisfied with you.Especially now much older young men in the village, caused the phenomenon of a kind of a woman can choose, some guy’s really good, person or family condition is good, but the person is a woman once see much later, her heart will have a look forward to, look forward to the next will be better, or simply hadn’t thought of in the village to look for a date but is to deal with your parents.After many blind dates, people will become a little uncomfortable, feeling always in the competition, two people always talk a little awkward.When you meet someone who has a serious view of three things, you can say something that will piss you off and feel so good about yourself that you don’t have to be angry with them.A blind date is a bit like opening a blind box. You never know what kind of person you are going to meet. Most of what the introducer says is completely unreliable.Blind date chat is probably the most boring conversation in the world, because it is the first time to meet, the conversation basically starts with basic information.What year are you, what kind of job do you have, do you own a car, do you own a house, sometimes it’s not material, but you really don’t know what to talk about beyond the basic information.What’s more, every time you go on a blind date, the conversation is like this, without any intention at all, completely feeling that this is an interview, or the kind of low success rate, people are completely uninterested.Generally speaking, blind dates during the Spring Festival, more than three times, basically no play, all kinds of complicated factors entangled together, for blind dates, it is simply a torture.You go home this year, did you go blind date, welcome message exchange.