Washer river’s lake 21 episode: Lanling get killed

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Washer early in the morning to get busy, away from Bai Xiaoqing, Ouyang greenhouses busy to xin Baotsutsughi and Lanling to their own love story, was made fun of his love and Xin Baotsutsughi writing the same bad.I heard lanling before in order to keep high cold people set no love, now want to talk about but no one chase, Lanling angrily nonsense, also put down that the sanni of the pear garden are familiar with him.Ouyang melon shed said a Simmons name, Lanling said they two good like a person, they because of the drama of love, some time ago and Bai Xiaoqing leave home to visit relatives, but in fact is to see Simmons, also said That Simmons has a moly on the waist.Xin bao tsutsugi and Ouyang melon shed originally do not believe, can hear Lanling said so specific can not believe.But don’t know, Lanling just casually pulled a lie.After work Lanling and chasing Bai Xiaoqing plus money, Ouyang melon shed Shouting not to say big general to find Lanling account, Lanling and Bai Xiaoqing a face meng, what trouble did they cause?Lanling want to broken head also can’t figure out why, ouyang GuaPeng remind just know, because last year, simmons is married to a title of generals in ancient times, the general in LAN LingQian brag with them a few days, xin issues and a few scholars drink together an embellish goddamned lie blather, suddenly spread in Beijing, a title of generals in ancient times a listen to, of course, want to find general lanling accounts.Bai Xiaoqing thought the situation was serious and quickly closed the door to convene a meeting.Xin also said that Lanling and Simmons had an illegitimate child. They heard that this general could walk at the age of six months, climb trees at the age of two, chase rabbits at the age of three, and even kill an elephant alive.Lanling was so scared that she almost fainted, but everyone did not believe it, and the little emperor said it was true, after all, he personally gave the title of General Optimus Prime.Xin bao scrub has been going to prepare for lanling, the results were chasing lanling full house.Bai Xiaoqing nature can not let lanling this cash cow was killed, so teach lanling their own secret weapon, the results of Lanling threw a boomerang.He said he was going to train him to play mind games with the hussar. The more calm you were, the more afraid he would be of you.Lanling’s face is crooked under xin’s training, tiger on the surface, but in fact she is afraid.The little emperor could not sit idly by, but he was a general of hussars, and the King of Lanling was sure to die.Eight two out of an idea that can live, but live to change the way to change, means to find someone to understand the lanling castration general’s heart hate, can also accompany the little emperor.The little emperor does not agree, eighty-two will think of the palace there is a treasure armored, let Lanling put on can be bulletproof.The little emperor hurriedly took Baokai to Lanling, but baokai was only half cut and there was no helmet.Ouyang melon shed suggested lanling run, run to the foreign countries.Kim Keer to lanling looked at the map of foreign countries, overnight to make up lessons for him to let him go to foreign countries to dig a well to sell oil, enough for the second half of life.Ouyang melon shed also to make up lessons for Lanling, speaking of thousands of poisonous mushrooms and poisonous snakes, Lanling collapse extremely what do not want to learn.Lanling was about to run away when he heard a noise outside and a general riding an hussar came.Bai Xiaoqing darts have been phussar big general hit back, xin Bao tsutchen empty city plan is also seen through, all be frightened and change color, Ouyang greenhouse said Lanling practiced Jinzhong cover bulletproof, ouyang melon shed missed hit his arm, bleeding.Ouyang melon shed see blood faint, Bai Xiaoqing, Jin Keer and xin to cheer up Lanling, Lanling can only kneel to plead for mercy.Did not think of the hussar general did not want to kill Lanling, he and Simmons’ feelings have long broken, long wanted to leave her just suffering there has been no excuse.The original what heavy wife people set are to attract popularity to create, general hussar in order to conscription just need popularity, did not think now riding tiger difficult do not know how to do.So Lanling and Simmons had an affair with this matter to spread, the hussar general will be able to lay off his wife, hussar general also begged Lanling not to clarify, because lay off his wife has a few days of cooling-off period, endure two days such as this matter in the past he will be grateful.Lanling hurriedly agreed, also said to put Simmons’ scandal into a drama sing to the whole city.But outside all around see the hussar general see revenge of the drama, hussar general has taken a bone doctor, but also promised to be a bit lighter.Lanling did not think of this and ran away.