Tangshan which county (city, district) actually use the most foreign capital?

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During the Spring Festival holiday of 2022, Tangshan Labor Daily, Tangshan Evening News, Huanbo News wechat official account and “Tangshan +” mobile news client and Huanbo News continue to provide you with the series of “Number reading Tangshan” reports!Let’s look back at Tangshan 2021 by numbers!According to data released by Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, the actual utilization of foreign capital in Tangshan will reach us $2099.66 million, ranking first among all the districts and cities in the province, with a cumulative growth of 7.9%, 2.6 percentage points higher than the province (5.3%).Of this amount, foreign direct investment reached US $2,021.09 million, up by 4.1%.Among counties (cities and districts), Caofeidian district took the lead with 321.66 million DOLLARS, ahead of Qianxi County (206.77 million dollars) with 114.89 million dollars, and Leting County with 163.94 million dollars.List of counties (cities and districts) actually using FOREIGN capital in Tangshan in 2021 By Reporter Li Yaru Editor Li Yaru can download “Tangshan PLUS” in all major mobile app stores