Special period children online classes at home, parents remember three to three do not

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At this special moment, students have to take online classes at home, and many families have changed from a state of loving mother to a state of filial piety.In fact, it is not necessary, smart parents must pay attention to the following points: 1. Lower your expectations, in fact, a student’s learning habits are long-term, which is the same as the biological clock.From offline classes to online classes, although the learning method has changed, but habits can not change.So the state at home is basically not too bad with the state of the school, but when you don’t see it at school, so don’t get angry, respect the way children learn.Home space is very small, the atmosphere is not good, it is easy to let the children’s learning mood distraction is not high.2. Parents need to be reminded, but never say more.Many parents worry about their children playing with mobile phones in the name of online classes.But the sensible thing to do is to take reasonable measures.Because the children online class during the parents do not ask, for those poor self-discipline of the children, it is really a great test, most of the lack of supervision and can not achieve the teacher want to effect.But many parents, especially those in northeast China, are willing to gild the lily. For example, you can say: You can put away your mobile phone and read a book.Stop it. Don’t say the last thing you want to hear.From the point of view of psychology, the first half of the sentence can reach 90% of the children’s reminding effect, the more you say, the lower the reminding degree, and may even be negative.3. Parents need to learn to accompany properly.During the school, there are teachers to maintain discipline, during the class of class inspection, students have no temptation of mobile phones.Therefore, it is easy to achieve a good learning environment at school, while at home it depends on the self-discipline of students and parental supervision to achieve certain results.First of all, parents should know their children’s online class schedule every day, so that through your observation, you can know how children’s time concept.Secondly, if parents have time to accompany their children to online classes, see the child’s learning status and the child’s involvement in learning.But you can’t play with your cell phone. It will distract your child.You can do things that require concentration, such as reading, practicing words, knitting, etc., so that your concentration will affect the child.It will also let her experience the effect of learning with someone like at school.Some parents say, no, my kids don’t want me around.That’s because you’re not chaperoning, you’re watching the prisoner.Nagging and reminding children how to learn are counterproductive methods.Of course, the above content is for families with poor self-discipline or anxious parents to give advice, if your child can manage to study on time, parents do not need to worry, then you can completely ignore my article of good reminder, finally wish this year’s high school students gold list.