From 0:00 to 7:00, 91 emergency repairmen of Lin ‘an power Supply had no sleep in the snow night!

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“White Cow V455 line troubleshooting work finished, ready to resume power supply!”After two hours of snow rush repair, the 10-kilovolt Bainiu V455 line affected by the snowstorm was restored at 2:16 a.m. on January 29 with the efforts of the rush repair staff of Changhua Power Supply Station of Linan District Power Supply Company of State Grid Hangzhou.
Just two hours ago, wang Jing, the emergency repair staff, received the alarm information: Bainiu V455 line feeder trip, 77 sets with power loss, affecting more than 3000 users.”Hurry up, can rush to repair a household is a household, must let the villagers use electricity as soon as possible!”Without a moment’s hesitation, Wang jing and his colleagues drove to the point of failure.
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On the way to the scene of the fault, dispatchers in the power regulation control center of Lin ‘an District Power Supply Company of State Grid Hangzhou used intelligent remote control switches to quickly isolate the fault area and minimize the fault range.”Wisdom dispatch + braving snow rush repair” let the blizzard hit Lin ‘an more warmth and light.In Lin ‘an, such as Wang Jing overnight power rush repair personnel there are 91.State Grid Hangzhou Lin ‘an District power Supply Company dispatched 23 emergency repair teams to complete the emergency repair work of 15 10 kv lines within 7 hours from 0:00 to 7:00 on 29th.”According to the fault analysis, the current tripping of 15 10 kv lines is mainly caused by the snow caused by the bamboo and tree lodging pressure to the wire and copper and aluminum equipment clamp fracture caused by short circuit between phases, involving 187 stations, more than 11,330 users, all the fault lines have resumed power transmission.””Said Luo Mingliang, deputy director of the operation, maintenance and maintenance department of State Grid Hangzhou Linan District Power Supply Company.In order to fight against the strongest rain, snow and freezing weather since 2022, State Grid Hangzhou Lin ‘an District Power Supply Company has deployed in advance and established a perfect emergency repair support system, forming a closed-loop control of the whole process of information release, dispatching emergency repair, troubleshooting, progress supervision and result feedback.Organize personnel to carry out special investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of lines easily covered with ice, strengthen monitoring of 19 “three-span” (high-voltage lines crossing high-speed, subway and railway, and important transmission lines) crossing points by using online monitoring tools such as microphotography (an image monitoring system installed on the tower, which can be observed in real time).Monitoring the microweather (such as the weather of tianchi, Tianmu mountain area and other special small areas) and tension sensors in 8 power transmission lines, and completing the advance settlement of the emergency repair station personnel in 6 “power isolated islands” (places where it is difficult for vehicles to enter after the road is blocked due to snow).At present, Lin ‘an district meteorological station has issued a series of snow and road ice yellow warning, Longgang Town Tianchi snow up to 26 cm, Taihu Lake source town Baisha village snow has also been more than 21 cm, Lin ‘an mountain area is expected to still have snow today, local snow.Click on the image to watch video next, its Chinese hangzhou linan area power supply company will pay close attention to weather changes, do a good job, all kinds of emergency repair materials equipment combing inventory active docking earthly government and doing for substation, transmission and distribution lines and other kinds of equipment uninterrupted patrol work, quickly remove snow storms bring security hidden danger to the grid,For the majority of users during the Spring Festival production and life reliable electricity escort.