Dangzhai Town, Ganzhou District: Duanli vigorous move forward to promote construction surging

2022-06-23 0 By

China Zhangye network Ganzhou – in the ma station tian Ju centralized resettlement area project construction site, blender, crane and other construction machinery tension operation, shuttle back and forth.The workers are also riveting full energy, wholeheartedly into the construction, everywhere is a scene in full swing.It is understood that the ma station tianju centralized resettlement area is located on the west side of the national Road 227, 7 kilometers away from the urban area.The total planned investment of the project is 42 million yuan, with a planned total construction area of 19,000 square meters, 136 new multi-family structure houses, 3 kilometers of road, 4.8 kilometers of sewage pipe network, and more than 2000 plants of scenic seedlings.The project planning is based on the keynote of “Jiangnan Water town”, making full use of the old building base and existing water ecological resources, presenting a free scattered layout.Dang Zhai town early planning, careful deployment, to grasp fast grasp early, grasp solid grasp of the momentum, blow the key project construction “assembly signal”, for the project early start, early completion, early production to lay a foundation.As a key project of the township, the project is of great significance for improving the living environment of villagers and helping the rural revitalization.To this end, the construction unit scientific planning, innovative practices, wall map operation, to the day as the node to promote the project construction, set off a new upsurge of project construction.Up to now, the ground attachment cleaning work has been completed, and foundation excavation and earthwork are being carried out.In the future, in the construction of the project will be in accordance with the “infrastructure construction, peasants gather place, centralized configuration and characteristic of public service industry concentrated layout” concept, make ruralize low carbon community, and through the intelligent prefabricated housing construction craft, construction with ancient color culture, the green industry, the characteristic “rainbow” village landscape.It provides a strong foundation for promoting the upgrading of the rural living environment, building a beautiful countryside and promoting rural revitalization.(Guo Qian)