Angelababy’s status has not been affected by the divorce, and her skiing style is beautiful to enjoy

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Angelababy has not been affected by her divorce. Her skiing style gives a high level of enjoyment. Since announcing her divorce from Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy (Yang Ying) has not affected her career and normal life pace.Of course, Huang Xiaoming’s performance is the same.After Yang Ying parted ways with Huang Xiaoming, she was in a state of “do what you have to do”. In addition to doing her job well, she did not forget to relax herself.First, let’s talk about work. She is still in high spirits this time as the official of the Spring Festival Gala of Beijing SATELLITE TV. She doesn’t seem to feel sad after her divorce.Look, she is wearing a white flowered dress, like a princess in a fairy tale.Her aura at the time can only be described as “breathtaking”.Some netizens even said that the Beijing Spring Festival Gala was the beginning of Yang Ying’s “unique beauty”.Yes, her voice is sweet, and her demeanor on stage also reveals her unique temperament.The so-called “what time, what to do” is the normal operation of life.This season is the snow and ice weather in Beijing, but also an entertainment program for friends who like skiing.Yesterday (February 2), Angelababy posted a video of her skiing on Weibo: Today’s Beidahu [Frozen Olbo] Angelababy posted a video on Weibo.After watching the video, I can see that Yang Ying’s skiing movements are quite skilled, and her whole body is light and free…All in all, she was showing off her skiing skills.Of course, watching this video for the netizens, but also a high realm of enjoyment!And this netizen’s comment was quite creative:I cried in bed for four hours, broke down 16 times, hit a wall 134 times, cut my arm 397 times, had two hallucinations, slapped myself 79 times, and had a near-death sensation once. I just woke up and realized it was so dark, and I immediately broke down again, because I couldn’t figure out why Angelababy was so beautiful.(This article is original, welcome to reprint.This article is found by Lao Sun village original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!