The 236th Time Sister Han Ai came to the Meeting of the Three Wives

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Last time there was a small detail: Zhou Shouwei led the troops and horses together with The governor of Jizhou Zhang Shuyi to liangshan to fight against the Song River uprising.We all know that song Jiang uprising is the prototype story of the Water Margin.But about a lot of people do not know the history of the Song River uprising did not have the so-called 100 Dan eight generals, no liao, no Ping Tian Tiger Wang Qing, not to mention the brutal war against Fang La.Around November 1119, Song Jiang rose up and led a cadre of thirty-six peasants and fishermen to occupy Liangshan against the government.At first the imperial court did not take this seriously and waited until February of the following year to order local troops to quell the riots.At this time is the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the court and the local like “Jin Ping Mei” written in the same – up and down the organization of the relaxation, the army has no intention of war, song Jiang defeated several times;For a time the song River forces increased, continuous capture of more than ten prefectures.From Shandong to Hebei, from Hebei back to Shandong and jiangsu.In February 1121, Zhang Shuye, the governor of Haizhou Prefecture, was ordered to quell the rebellion. By early May of that year, world War I was decided and Song Jiang surrendered with his troops.The uprising, which lasted only a year and a half, failed.According to historical records, song Jiang uprising at the peak of thousands of soldiers and horses, the scale is small.He has been to Shuipoliang Mountain for several times. The space on the mountain is limited, and one or two thousand soldiers are already very limited.Jin Ping Mei does not continue the setting of Outlaws of the Marsh, but borrows this history, including Zhang Shu’s night in Jizhou, and the virtual Zhou Shoubei.This rebellion only took three months in history, and in Jin Ping Mei, Zhou Shoubei left home for about three months.In zhou Shoubei leaves home in this period of time, chun Mei thousands pick ten thousand choose for Chen Jingji to find a parents, rich family, the girl with outstanding appearance — Ge Cuiping, in the garrison house for two people became a close, a home.Chen Jingji and Ge Cuiping is very hit it off, two people lingering for a few days, very happy.Chun Mei always asks him and his couple to eat and talk together in the main room and get along with gu Kum (Limited) so as to keep a harmonious atmosphere.Chen Jingji went to the West Academy to handle the letters and notes between the garrison government and Chunmei often met him there secretly.All the maids and maids in the house saw it, but no one dared say, and the days flowed like water.There is a poem in the book: One of Chen Jingji’s shining moments.In October of this year, Zhou Shoubei and Zhang Shuye subdued the Song River and summoned tens of thousands of rebel troops. The imperial court was greatly pleased and rewarded according to the report.Because zhou shoubei intended to carry, added the name of Chen Jingji;This time, Chen Jingji, who did not have any money, also had an advantage.It was also upgraded to two stone a month.This was an empty official position, which did not exist in the Song and Ming dynasties.According to the level of view, is not into the product of the virtual post.Even from the nine of the salary is generally in the monthly salaries of five stone up and down.Less than twenty cents of silver, not as good as the salary of wu Song’s chief petty officer.Anyway, Chen Jingji also had a future, which could be regarded as an official. The most important manifestation of his official position was that he could also wear a cap.Zhou Shouwei triumphantly returned, Chen Jingji put on, bring the new daughter-in-law Ge Cuiping to visit.Zhou Shoubei saw GeCuiping is a good decent woman is also like, the clothes and a hundred ounces of silver.Now it is not appropriate to call Zhou Shoubei, the new imperial court, he is about the equivalent of today’s division of the system, product yizhi from three products.In the evening, Chunmei told Zhou Shoubei, “I have spent a lot of money to marry my brother.”Zhou waved his hand and said, “You have only one brother. He came to us with no family and no future. Even if he didn’t spend any money on others, it’s nothing.”He added, “I will soon go to Jinan to take up my post. If you give him some capital to start a small or large business, it will be a long-term solution.”Spring mei listened to joy, evening small meaning fengying, also need not say more.At the beginning of November, Zhou Shoubei went to Ji ‘nan for his appointment. Chen Jingji was looking for a business manager everywhere.This person said an old story, the original abduct Chen Jingji thousands of silver goods Yang Dalang now developed, but also in the river to open a big restaurant…Chen jingji heard this and discussed with Lu Bingyi: What business do you still want to do?Taking his restaurant is the best business.When he got back to the garrison house, he told the story of his enmity with Yang Dalang. Just as zhou Zhong was there, he said with a smile, “This is nothing. Tomorrow my uncle will write a lawsuit against Yang Dalang and I will take it to the prison.Chen Jingji was overjoyed. He wrote a paper and gave it to Zhou Zhong. Zhou Zhong took the post of worship from the garrison house and arrived at the prison the next day.Seeing that it was the man to be reported by the garrison, the two officers did not dare to neglect Yang Dalang immediately. They also arrested Yang Erlang, his brother, and tortured them until they had to cough up the 1, 000 taels of silver they had stolen.Yang Dalang and a dock called Xie Pangzi partnership to open a restaurant, the capital into many, even the home house also sold also only take out four hundred two silver, one hundred barrels of cloth, the rest of the killed to take out.Yang Dalang was finally released, the book did not explain, but this is a pursuit will all the family property emptied, even out of what.Spring mei took out five hundred and two silver, to Chen Jingji one thousand two, is a stake in the restaurant, and Xie Pangzi became the boss, Lu Bingyi as Chen Jingji’s supervisor, responsible for the daily business of the restaurant.Time is not long, the restaurant opened, nearby prostitution have been settled, business is very prosperous, also have a daily income of 352.Chen Jingji comes and goes from time to time, riding a donkey, accompanied by a boy.Shaking again!Two wives, an official hat, and a career.Mention punishment for Chen Jingji with all his heart, do not pay at all, things done very thoroughly, finished and humble wrote the worship post sent, above the names of two old acquaintances: He Yongshou, Zhang Maode first worship.The order of these two names can actually confirm the conjecture of prima: Zhang Erguan had bribed down the position is not zhengqianhu, he Yongshou is.It was march in yangchun, and the grass was growing and the warbler was flying. Chen Jingji had been guarding his uncle for a whole year.The big restaurant had a family from Tokyo, a couple with a daughter in her early twenties.It was the family of the long-lost King of Korea.That year Ximenqing died, the family abducted ximenqing one thousand two silver ran to Tokyo to take refuge in zhai housekeeper concubine daughter Han Ai elder sister.The original times have changed, in the original official CAI Jing father and son, Tong Guan, and six yellow Taiwei were the history of the imperial shen pour, three law department for miscalculation, hair with smoke miasma forever.Zhai housekeeper whereabouts did not explain, the probability is also a dead.The background fell, Han Dao country again absconded, first fled back to qinghe County that ximenqing money for Wang Liuer to buy the residence, which is sold by Han Er, Han er is now missing.The family fled panic, no money no food, all the way to very embarrassed, forced Wang Liuer had to secretly pick up some men to earn two money to support the family.Han Ai sister is young and beautiful, naturally also unavoidable for home efforts, displaced, and did not have a home, had to live in the river new restaurant, and prostitution general barely survive.This day Chen Jingji high-spirited arrival inspection restaurant business, is encountering purple chamber color skin wang Liuer and her white and beautiful daughter.Wang Liuer asked, “Is the official uncle Chen of Simon’s family?”Two people talk to each other, and saw the Korean road country, years old let a few people SOB.That Han Ai elder sister saw Chen Jingji, eyes will not stop to look at him.Chen Jingji has been around women before, what can’t you see?They made eye contact and were immediately interested.So it follows that they went upstairs and had some sex. Chen Jingji asked: “How young is your sister?”Han ai replied, “Twenty-six years have been wasted.”Chen Jingji is the same age, as if mianmianzhong is predestined relationship.Chen Jingji left fifty silver, Han Ai sister reluctantly sent him away, repeatedly asked to meet again.When Chen Jingji was going out, he met jin Zongming, a former senior at Yan Gong Temple. Seeing his manner, Jin Zongming did not mention the fact that he was angry with his master.In the meeting of three wives calculated by the blind Yettoutuo, the last wife was han Aijie. When we look at the description between the two of them, we can’t see any special emotion, but more like a business transaction.But things are often not physical imagination, we did not see the place has appeared a chemical reaction – Han Ai sister only this side then fell in love with Chen Jingji we always spurned.We’ll talk about the details tomorrow.After Chen Jingji and Han Ai elder sister meet, then met Chen Jingji when a woman that senior jin Daoren;This is the author’s special arrangement, jin Daoren metaphor meaning ‘today daoren’;At this moment secretly marked Chen Jingji in today once again into the old road, just food and clothing, and began to indulge in prostitution;The result of indulging in prostitution can only be destruction.Please follow @Xiaoqi reading  need your support, thank you!Previous article link: “Baihua Jin Ping Mei” link total post, the 1st back to the 231st back, click on direct reading