Sophia vice president Yang Xin left Europe caused a great uproar now performance?

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Last year, the market environment in the home furnishing industry was volatile, with frequent changes of executives. Some executives’ job-hopping was particularly noticeable, including Yang Xin.Why is so much attention being paid to him?Caijing, the operator, tried to uncover the story behind it.According to open data show, as early as 2003, Yang Xin joined Europe to send household.After entering the company, I successively served as the regional manager, director, general manager of sanitary ware Division, marketing assistant of chairman and other positions of Opai.In 2015, Yang Xin became the vice president of Opai Wardrobe, which achieved high growth.It can be said that Yang Xin has made undeniable contribution to the performance of Opai during his 18 years of working in opai.And since Yang Xin left the position of vice president of Ou pai household in March last year.Because of his ability, his direction has been the industry attention.Two months later, The news that Yang Xin joined Sophia as vice president of marketing caused a great uproar.This is not only because of the competition between Opie and Sophia, but also because just a few months ago, Yang xingang led Opie wardrobe to overtake Sophia with 101 million yuan to become the wardrobe “one brother”.And Yang Xin chooses to join Sophia right now, let this chest directly “one elder brother” contend becomes complicated and confusing again.For Yang xin’s departure from Opai, some people speculate that the reason is that at the end of 2020, a few months before Yang xin’s departure, Opai veteran Liu Shunping returned to take up the post of marketing general manager of Opai integrated Home Business Division, while Liu Shunping left in 2019 when Yang xin was promoted to vice president.There is no clear evidence, but the coincidence of the two is not surprising.According to the latest news released by Sophia, Yang Xin was transferred to be the deputy general manager of the company again in September 2021, responsible for the management of cabinet division.I don’t know what the 70-year-old professional manager who once led Ou pai to surpass Sophia will do next, and whether he can break his achievements in Ou Pai.According to Sofia (002572) disclosed the 2021 annual performance forecast, 2020 to achieve operating income of 835,283,300 yuan, 2021 is expected to achieve operating income compared with the same period last year, will increase 167,056.65 million yuan to 208,8208,810 yuan, 20% to 25% growth than the same period last year.In addition, according to the announcement of Europe home in January 21, 2022 forecast, 2021 annual attributable net profit of 2.64 billion yuan to 2.846 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 28% to 38%.Opai home is expected to achieve 2021 operating revenue compared with the same period in 2020 will increase 5.159 billion yuan to 6.633 billion yuan, 35% to 45% growth over the same period last year;, but its third quarterly report shows that the company’s main revenue of 14.402 billion yuan.In other words, opai’s operating income in the first three quarters exceeded that of Sophia in the whole year.As can be seen from above, the income scale of Ou Pai household is actually far beyond Sofia at present, but the profit difference is not very big.