Guangdong Dongguan Fenggang market supervisor: Spring Festival supervision does not close, anti-epidemic escort has us

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During the Spring Festival, when everyone is immersed in the joy of reunion, there are still a group of people in Fenggang Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, dedicated to their duties and dedication, just to ensure that the public has a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.On January 31, Shenzhen reported a confirmed case of COVID-19. The case lives in Fenggang Town, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim.Fenggang Market supervision branch quickly responded to the call, go all out to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, protect the life safety and health of the town.Adhere to the “nucleic acid testing” front on New Year’s Eve, The district of Wulian Village, Fenggang town to carry out large-scale nucleic acid testing, fenggang market supervision branch of the volunteer anti-epidemic vanguard quickly assembled, rushed to support.In the four temporary nucleic acid sampling sites, this group of young people, who have been trained by large-scale nucleic acid testing for many times, are already familiar with the way, and immediately get into position and put into work.They helped maintain order, provide guidance to people, answer questions on the spot, patiently guide people to wear masks, take their temperatures, input information, queue up in an orderly manner, and show qr codes for sampling, thus providing a strong guarantee for the smooth and orderly implementation of nucleic acid screening.This night’s “New Year flavor” is called perseverance!In order to ensure that no one was left behind in this round of large-scale nucleic acid testing, hu Junlin, Deng Zhiguang, Huang Yanxin and other 16 comrades stayed at the nucleic acid sampling site of Cloisontai Garden, which provides 24-hour service, and spent the Lunar New Year’s Eve with a group of anti-epidemic workers.Adhere to the “market supervision” front in the farmers’ market, protect the people’s “vegetable basket” security.The “special personnel stationed at the market” system has been implemented, and the inspection of all 15 farmers’ markets under the jurisdiction has been carried out every day, and the prevention and control measures such as enclosure and personnel health have been urged to implement daily management systems such as the “1110” system and daily centralized disinfection system.At the same time, we will strengthen efforts to ensure supply and price stability, keep track of the prices and supply of daily necessities such as rice, flour, grain, oil, meat and vegetables, and remind and guide business operators to do a good job of clearly marked prices and price publicity.In cold storage, strictly guard the defense line of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control, earnestly do a good job of “people with prevention” work.Pay close attention to the key links of the inflow and outflow of imported cold chain food, urge cold storage operators to timely use the “cold storage pass” system to fill in the information of products in and out of storage, and strictly implement the requirements of “one order, four licenses and one code” for imported frozen products.Strict implementation of the “three strengthening and three coverage”, the town to store, transport, processing, sales of imported cold chain food personnel, products, the implementation of full coverage of nucleic acid testing.In pharmacies, sentinel monitoring should be further strengthened to ensure that the joint prevention and control mechanism is in place.In recent days, Fenggang market supervision sub-bureau comprehensively strengthened the inspection of retail pharmacies, urged pharmacies to implement the “three inspection, one card”, strictly control the “entry”, “registration” and “sales”, and further improve the sensitivity of sentinel monitoring of retail pharmacies.During the Spring Festival, fenggang Market supervision branch inspected a total of 797 business households, including 138 food business units, 595 pharmacies, 2 units of special equipment, 1 tourist attraction, shopping malls, farmers’ markets, supermarkets 61 times.(Source: Dongguan Market Regulation)