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Here is the ultimate selection chat ball, original release, today to bring you Sunday football match information interpretation, the game to see!AC Milan have continued their strong start to the season, going unbeaten in the first 12 games and staying in the top 3 for a long time.Although the recent performance has some twists and turns, the overall is still stable in the good.In the last two games, he played particularly well, beating the league leaders Inter milan first and winning four goals against the in-form Lazio in the cup.Sampdoria have continued their poor form this season, mostly hovering around 15th place.Recently suffered a serious slump, losing 5 games in a row in each season, the last round of home victory to stop the slump.At present, the standings are only two away from the relegation zone, and there is still a long way to go.The last two seasons of hannover’s decline is obvious, last season they were in the middle of the bottom, this season the situation has not improved significantly, the team’s form has been erratic.From the point of view, damage is their current biggest problem, the season so far played 21 wheel was only 16 goals, offensive capability last in b, 1 h in the championship with only four points clear of the relegation zone, if the state has no obvious improvement, again after a few rounds into relegation mire also is not what strange things.Alaves VS Valencia (005 la Liga) Valencia’s recent form has been erratic, but in fact they are not in bad form, picking up almost all the points they can.Although there are still a lot of holes in the team’s defence, but with the attack of multiple blossoming, Valencia can still maintain a mid-table position, at least not a lot of relegation pressure.Less good for them, however, is a costly trip to biba in the Semi-final of the Midwestern cup this week, which could leave Alaves at a disadvantage in terms of their physical reserves.Villa’s strength has also improved greatly after the winter window, especially coutinho’s arrival, which has improved the team’s frontcourt coordination and attacking efficiency to a new level.Have helped the team made the four goals, once get lost library bird at Barcelona, seems to find themselves in Steven gerrard and premier league, have to admire Steven gerrard for power, but it is worth mentioning that the team’s first big hole in the round red unfortunately, the current will be suspended, back in the team itself is not stable,Now the loss of another defensive player, it is bound to have an impact on the team.Tottenham hotspur are back to their best, but Chelsea have been beaten twice in the cup and they were beaten at home by Saints in the last round.Continuous lose points also let the team fell out of the top six, competing for the champions league seats becomes more difficult, while wolves were not much better, because of the strike fire is too weak, lead to difficult to harvest goal in the match, the last two games are the score of 0 and 1 defeat, if not improve the offensive efficiency, wolves makes it difficult to even further.Udinese have not played as well as Verona this season, with only 6 wins, 9 draws and 8 losses after 23 games and currently 14th in the league with 27 points. They are also not good at playing away from home, winning only 2 games in 11 league matches so far.In the last round of the trip to Genoa, they drew 0-0. So far, they have not scored in three consecutive away games.Borussia Dortmund are currently without Harland, who has missed several games with a torn muscle.The official word is that the return date is uncertain, and Adolph expects harland to be sidelined for at least a month to return to action as a precautionary move.And Harland’s absence, also directly let Dott last round at home 2-5 defeat bayer Leverkusen, the impact of the team can be imagined.And borussia Dortmund’s away form continues to slide, with their win rate dropping to just over 400.The following views, only for reference!