China four dynasties patriarch 1 gold 1 silver closing!Foreign coach ecstasy, wife appearance, a year did not see their daughter

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On February 16, Beijing Time, qi Guangpu, two-time world champion of freestyle skiing, won the men’s aerials final at the Winter Olympic Games.Qi Guangpu, who finished the Winter Olympics with 1 gold and 1 silver, realized his career grand Slam and finally realized his dream!Four dynasty veteran Qi Guangpu insisted to today, waiting for is this moment, took out their own good play, difficulty coefficient 5.0 ultra high difficulty action, a success, get 129 points off behind a player a big cut, absolute strength show!After Qi Guangpu won the championship, she was very happy, and the foreign coach was also very excited.In fact, Qi guangpu has already married children, Qi Guangpu’s wife Zhao Shanshan is also concerned about her husband’s competition, and the two of their daughter will be three years old next month.It is reported that in order to prepare for the competition, Qi Guangpu did not see her daughter for a year, such suffering, in return for the final success!I must admit, Qi Guangpu is amazing!After the award ceremony, Qi Guangpu is also trying to hold back tears, only he knew how difficult it is, 4 Winter Olympics, has long been famous, won the world championship, in addition to the Winter Olympics, the other games all won.At the age of 31, Qi guangpu achieved his dream.Finally, I wish to congratulate the Chinese freestyle skiing aerials team. Qi Guangpu won the gold medal, Xu Mengtao won the gold medal in the women’s competition, and the Chinese mixed team won the second place. This report is almost perfect.Should we say that the new “dream team” of Chinese sports has been born?In fact, The Chinese team has come close to winning the gold medal in this event many times, but it always fell short. The last time the men’s team won the gold medal was in 2006, when Han Xiaopeng won the first gold medal at the Turin Winter Olympics.The Chinese team has also waited 16 years!