Children look like Kings

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3. Who says no to your girlfriend’s best friend?Women, please don’t be ungrateful. I will never be more confident than when five dotted lines appear.Peanuts don’t have to be so drunk, do they?8. I can’t recite a poem without you.What a celebration 10. The more you think about it, the more wrong that person is.Indeed, you can’t mess with them.12. Cows eat grass!No luck?13. Please don’t worry about the carrots, ok?14. Some demons live in pianos. Some demons live in mailboxes!Boy, that’s not like looking at your legs.Use your imagination. What else?2. At first glance, you seem to be a master.3. Who says no to sexy mugs?4. 5. How to Lose weight6. Pooh, you LSP