Yao powder dress girl beauty cry, Yang Yuhuan legend raid, there is a crystal huge profit, after Yi Mulan smiled

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Original | little younger sister of the king of Kings and the glory of the spring activity has continued online, and bang set and tiger operating market activities are free skin extract epic, tiger operating market activities when you can also get diamonds and intimate rose props, and bang set f activity is high probability for epic of the skin,The most common are white Rise, The Prince of starry Night, Liu Bang and Count Dracula epic skin.Yao sister valentine’s legend and tiger skin exposure during the Spring Festival among bang set operating market activities, and mysterious limited-time discount stores, daily prepaid phone, integral indiana and other activities, these activities are due to new skin’s online online, the online new skin has five tiger limit skin and a various ge bright glory collection,There are several new skin styles coming after the Spring Festival, starting with valentine’s Day skin.The qualified valentine’s day lovers of the skin and as early as the last great coffee skin attribution and two heroes’ modeling effect drawings, this valentine’s day lovers skin is called the auxiliary yao and wild “, but yao younger sister of the skin is more special valentine’s day, is not only its own legendary star legend skin has a valentine’s day,It’s likely to have the same limited star legend skin as the Monkey King, Zero Thunder, which is modeled in pink magic girl style and looks very nice.Yang Yuhuan said that the only female skin of the five tiger year limited skin is given to the mage hero Yang Yuhuan – Yinhu Heart song, this skin modeling effects is very perfect, and skill effects is also a very good-looking skin, so this skin many Yang Yuhuan players are very like,Although the tiger year limited skin is not and Lu Ban no. 7, pei capture tiger the same legendary skin quality, but Yang Yuhuan has a big coffee broke the news that there is a legend level of skin is coming on stage.Of this jade bracelet is also a high quality of the skin, skin is not a brave man level, at least would be epic, and could be a legendary skin, three of the four heroes have epic of the skin and skin legend, now also jade bracelet hasn’t been a legendary skin, the year of the tiger limited popularity of skin after preheating jade bracelet is also rose,So Yang Yuhuan follow-up line legend skin probability is also very large.Hou yi, hua mulan glory collection skin appearance during the Chinese New Year of the tiger launched five limit the year of the tiger skin, not only has a glory collection skin, the skin is zhuge liang – star domain revelation skin, the skin of the modeling is space-time archmage style, and the skills of skin effects is very cool special effects, the stars and skin big skill effects or four,Light, dark, Rain, and peach blossom are very beautiful and appear very advanced, in line with the glory collection level skin positioning.Apart from the collection of the glory of the various ge is bright skin, subsequent have two new glory collection skin is about to hit, first of all, is the collection of the glory of his skin, hou yi as standing pile output striker hero, powerful separatist attack ability to make its popularity is also very high, hou yi is also has very many different skin quality, level of glory, was a collection of skin,There is a big shot that Hou Yi’s Glory Collection skin was originally finished, but it has been remade, and it will be released in the second half of the year.There is also a glorified skin is the glorified skin of Mulan, Mulan as a female warrior hero against the road, their skills of fast silence and high damage skill effect makes many players are very fond of, the strength is also a very strong hero, so mulan skin number is also a lot of.This time, some big shots revealed that Mulan’s glory Skin is basically finished, and will be put on the official dress, which will take precedence over Hou Yi’s glory skin online.Qiao-mei to summarize yao and Yunzhong Jun’s Valentine’s Day limited skin is coming, Yang Yuhuan legend skin debut, and Hou Yi, Mulan two heroes of glory skin online.