Tianye Science Popularization! Active cooperation!Be the best “assist” in epidemic prevention and control

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During the Qingming Festival, the risk of imported and spread of the epidemic is further increased as people’s demand for travel increases.In the epidemic prevention and control, in addition to the front-line workers working day and night, as ordinary people, we should also be the first person responsible for our own health, fully cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, and do the biggest “assist” in the epidemic prevention and control work.So, what should individuals pay attention to in cooperation with prevention and control?1. Actively report the epidemic situation in China and the movement track of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons in different regions. If you or your friends or relatives have traveled to medium-high risk areas and their cities within 14 days, or if the trajectory of the case coincides with that of the case, please report the case promptly and coordinate with local prevention and control measures.2. Seek medical advice when you are ill and closely monitor your health and that of your family.Such as fever, sore throat, muscle pain, dry cough, fatigue, smell (taste) sleep loss, stuffy nose, runny nose, conjunctivitis and diarrhea COVID – 19 after suspected symptoms, please to have fever clinics to the nearest hospital screening, and take the initiative to inform contact trajectory and within 14 days, please wear masks all the way, in the process of clinic try not to take public transportation.In epidemic prevention and control, individuals should actively cooperate with testing, flow control and isolation.Large-scale nucleic acid testing can accurately and timely detect novel coronavirus infections, reduce the risk of transmission and protect the susceptible population.Epidemiological investigation can identify and control the source of infection, timely isolate those at risk, and cut off the route of transmission;Cooperative isolation is an effective means to block the spread of the virus.Either way, we need to take concrete actions to strengthen the defense of the epidemic.4. Please inform if the self-test positive if the test is positive, no matter whether there is respiratory tract, the symptom such as fever, should promptly report to the community (village), contact emergency services by community (village), according to COVID – 19 outbreak related personnel transfer work instructions, transferred to the medical institutions set up fever clinics, detection of nucleic acids.5. It is the duty of every citizen to report and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control.It is illegal to hide COVID-19 status, travel information (especially travel history in key areas), or close contact with confirmed or suspected cases in the hope of getting away with it.Author: Visualize News