The baby is only 40 days old, and the baby’s father says he’s looking for someone else

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Xia xia is holding her baby, who is just 40 days old and has no consciousness.The role of father is absent, and he has not even seen his father, but the child does not seem to understand the reason for the sadness of adults, but Xia Xia’s eyes are a little sad, but also a little helpless. child 40 days, the husband abandoned mother and son say not sad not helpless just strange?Because it is originally a pair of small husband and wife the most sweet affection heats up the moment, but the child is born 40 days, the husband did not come to take care of a day unexpectedly, and still release malicious words, saying is in Jiangsu to seek another object, do not want to continue to spend the rest of his life with Xia Xia.What is the enmity between Xia Xia and her husband?How could a man be so ruthless?With doubt, the mediator or brazenly took Xia Xia to her husband’s home to find out.The husband’s home is also in the countryside, and the husband is at home at the moment, which can also prove on the one hand that the husband said before looking for a partner in Jiangsu, maybe just talk, because he is still at home. man said this day not bottom go to, so why want to find another object asks her husband to XiaXia apart?Are you in the mood for a date?The husband did not answer anything, perhaps from his point of view to answer anything, disdainedto explain to the mediator and Xiaxando.The parents of the men began to say that the men just have a heart but not a heart, and the people in their family are honest and dutiful, generally do not have such behavior.Since such, why does husband of xia Xia say oneself so unbearable?In fact, think about the husband is dissatisfied with Xia Xia’s attitude towards marriage.Originally, xia Xia before there are similar two such feelings, are nothing, at the same time xia Xia husband also broke a news.Xia xia’s mother-in-law said it was reasonable for her even to find a partner again, because he and Xia Xia did not get a marriage certificate, just a rural tradition to do a ceremony.His marriage to Xia Xia was also not protected by law.For example, Xia’s attitude towards marriage is also bizarre. Neither of her previous two marriages has obtained a marriage certificate.So she is unmarried, at least according to civil affairs records.On the one hand, Xia is also foolishly inclined, sensing that a ceremony in the gleason’s rural tradition gives her the commitment and responsibilities of a husband.In fact, otherwise, Xia Xia and her newborn son can only be regarded as the object of no legal protection, not something about her husband should pay.For Xia Xia’s husband, it was also a difficult thing to assume the role of father.The contradiction between him and Xia Xia is not temporary will be able to solve, can only blame the original understanding is not very sufficient, rushed together, this has become a tragedy between each other.When the time comes if xia Xia picked up to safeguard their own security weapons to safeguard their own interests?I’m a little out of my depth. write behind: XiaXia husband here it was a bit of rehash, obviously not enough.In fact, no matter the husband leaves this marriage?Whether xia Xia from the heart is extremely looking forward to, is another one.Of course, it is not advocated to be too modest between each other, marriage can be divorced, people can be changed, but the pain will not heal because of the end of marriage, as long as the intimate relationship, the pain will be triggered sooner or later.Let’s hope middle-aged couples think twice.