Sun Yue helps his younger brother Sun Zhuo with his English. His mother eavesdrops on him at the door.

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It has been a long time since The incident of Sun Haiyang. Sun Zhuo also gets along very happily with his parents, so we can rest assured. In addition, his sister also came back from abroad to see his brother after the quarantine period.Take a family photo together.This kind of picture is quite touching and also makes people feel that Sun Zhuo is a happy person.Of course, the most concerned about is Sun Zhuo grades in shenzhen, because sun ZhuoQiChu study is carried out in shandong, so Sun Zhuo will get shenzhen learning, let everybody feel very concern, after all, in different parts of the learning model, education quality is completely different, learning content will be more or less a little difference,Do not know sun Zhuo’s current academic performance?In an interview, Sun Zhuo’s mother revealed to the reporter that he was not particularly good. Although his total score looked ok, he only got 40 points in serious subjects, especially English, and even laughed at himself. This score was completely faked, without any learning at all.But foreign sister saw this situation is not doing nothing, but take the initiative to help to make up a missed lesson, Sun Zhuo overnight even do PPT, after all, sister sun yue came back from abroad, so he is her English level you can be at ease completely, until 11:00 at night sister continues to brother make up a missed lesson, it can be seen that the elder sister of the brother’s heart.The dialogue between the two sisters in the room is also very warm.Sun Yue helps his younger brother Sun Zhuo with his English. His mother eavesdrops on him at the door.The two of them talked and laughed in the room to study, even sister said.Other people’s sister can not stay up late making PPT, to his brother to help homework is already good, he must become the best sister, to roll the sister of others.Sun Zhuo felt very sad and wronged. He thought that if he studied physics, he would not be so angry. After all, he was good at science.Sister or brother’s academic performance is considered, otherwise would not stay up until 11:00 is still making up lessons.Although Sun Zhuo English achievement on the surface is very poor, did not pass, the parts of the need to learn to be much more special, it takes a very long period of time to make up for, but it can be seen that Sun Zhuo overall academic performance is really good, just dine problem is severe, a boys are better at learning science is also very normal, but that doesn’t mean he’ll learn not English,The overall score is good or obvious to all, that is, we need to spend more time to learn English, after all, under the guidance of such a serious and responsible sister, the score will certainly be improved.The winter vacation is coming soon, so Sun Zhuo should make good use of this period of time to study well.Parents should give more care, especially in terms of learning this, and his sister to help yourself, study hard, can help improve grades, just, need some time to adapt to shenzhen at present, after all, is our country the first-tier cities of education level is more outstanding,So sun Zhuo’s current situation is completely understandable.At present, the most important thing is to make good use of time and redouble efforts to narrow the gap. If Sun Zhuo wants to be admitted to China’s double first-class universities, then his performance must be improved on this basis.Problems at the same time, because Sun Zhuo dine in the learning process, to ensure the balanced development of every subject of their increased, especially the edge discipline, to maintain, not to learn English because it is over, but too few study field, he is good at to finally do more harm than good, and for English learning, mainly is the first catch a little bit of base, at the same time,The most important thing in English is to memorize words and learn grammar. At the same time, we should consolidate with some exercises, so as to improve our English scores.The most important thing is to relax, after all, the college entrance examination is a huge pressure test, if you are too nervous in the examination room, and lead to abnormal performance, then three years of efforts will be all in vain, so we must adjust our attitude, relieve their pressure.Although the English score is not satisfactory at present, but do not worry too much, slowly learn, as long as you work hard will improve.The author’s message: In Sun Zhuo’s score, the most important thing to adjust is English score, but you don’t need to worry completely, after all, your sister is studying abroad, and you are willing to make up lessons for your brother, sun Zhuo is also willing to learn.Under such a condition is sure it won’t be long before you can, through the efforts of Sun Zhuo on performance improvement, and during the winter vacation is a very important ahead of time, to plan their own learning plan, at the same time pay attention to rest combining exertion and rest, pay attention to your state of mind adjust good relax well, can’t be too try so hard, the best steadiness, step by step forward,I am sure he will gain something in the end. I also hope that Sun Zhuo can quickly adapt to the speed of learning in Shenzhen and be admitted to his favorite university smoothly.