“Snow in the fierce sword line” xuanyuan jing city strong into the fairy before, is referring to the xuan or sky?The big rock is too tasty

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Welding knife in the snow in the line “to say the most spoony role must belong to XuanYuanJing city, for the sake of a woman getting corner, XuanYuanQingFeng finally for the sake of his daughter, a sporting challenge the bodhi old zu xuanyuan big rock, and forced their way into the land the fairy realm and enforce regulations to the letter, to nullify thunder big pan yuan, although finally disappear,But Xuanyuan jing Cheng is also impressive.However, it is very curious that what was xuanyuan Jing City before it was forced into the realm of land gods?Play version of the regula rock said Xuanyuan jing city refers to the metaphysical realm, forced into the realm of heaven, but we know that Xuanyuan jing city is the final achievement of Confucianism, the original Confucian product is the setting of heaven, Xuanyuan jing city is two products peak at the beginning?Two products forcibly kill big heavenly giant rock?On this point, the original setting is also relatively vague, it is very confused, whether Xuanyuan Jing city is the sky or refers to xuan and then forced into the land of the gods.Xuanyuan jing city killed his brother when he said, “in advance agreed to kill him by pointing to the mystery, but in fact with the sky, so a move.”From this point of view, Xuanyuan jing city seems to be the realm of heaven, but another question comes, Xuanyuan jing city is Confucian, how can there be a metaphysical realm?On this point, in the original Xuanyuan Jing city privately met Xu Fengnian, Xu Fengnian once asked: “Excuse me, Sir Is obviously a wudao high, why in the bull Dagang so situation?”, at a time when XuanYuanJing city is mentioned “I twenty years to learn the best badge mountain top cabinet secret achievement method”, that is actually XuanYuanJing city actually is more than just reading this way, he has learned a lot of secrets, also calculate a half sooner, but he eventually left Confucianism, this also no wonder XuanYuanJing city refers to the state of the xuan.In fact, how about the strength of Xuanyuan jing city, in and regulus big rock duel, regulus big rock once said, “steal the power of heaven and earth, this is your sky?This kind of opportunistic behavior, frighten people but also, want to hurt me, is really ridiculous “, from the words of the yuan big rock it is not difficult to know, in fact, when the strength of xuanyuan jing city is heavenly realm, but his heavenly realm is to steal the force of heaven and earth to achieve.Steal the force of heaven and earth into the sky, perhaps can live, and then forced into the realm of land gods is the bureau of death, Xuanyuan jing city dead also want to pull xuan Yuan big rock together.But regulus big rock white lost the strength of the sky, actually died in the day under the thunder, to know that Deng Taia is but the sky realm can hang the real fairy, and xuan regulus worship city such a false fairy can kill regulus big rock, this also proves that regulus big rock is indeed dishes.May be really because of too old, and these years to patronize the double repair, the strength of the serious decline, will be killed By Xuanyuan jing city, helped xuanyuan jing city prestige.