Remind: 4 kinds of vegetables hidden in “formaldehyde”, careful cleaning is not easy to drop, as soon as possible to understand

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Vegetables are food every family must eat every day, so they often go to the supermarket to buy them. Some people think that vegetables in the vegetable market are cheaper, so they go to the vegetable market to buy cheaper vegetables.But we may not know that some bad businesses in order to prolong the shelf life of vegetables, will spray formaldehyde on the surface of vegetables, or even soak some vegetables in formaldehyde.01 What is the harm of formaldehyde to human body?A. Stimulating effect: Formaldehyde will mainly cause irritation to the skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is also a prototoxic substance, which is easy to combine with protein and lead to serious edema and irritation of the respiratory tract when absorbed in high concentration.B. Sensitization: Skin directly exposed to formaldehyde is prone to allergic dermatitis, pigmentation, necrosis and other problems, inhalation of high concentration of formaldehyde is easy to induce the emergence of bronchial asthma.C. Mutagenic effect: high concentration of formaldehyde is also a genotoxic substance, which is easy to cause nasopharyngeal tumors in laboratory animals under the condition of high concentration of inhalation.02 reminder: 4 kinds of vegetables hidden in “formaldehyde”, wash is not easy to drop, do not take the whole bag home 1, baby cabbage baby cabbage is quite a small version of the cabbage baby vegetables, with a crisp taste, by people’s attention.Baby vegetable long-term storage will make the leaves slowly shrink, businesses in order to prolong the shelf life of baby vegetable, usually spray a layer of formaldehyde on the surface of baby vegetable, prevent baby vegetable water shortage.So baby vegetable is also a high formaldehyde content of vegetables, in order to health, try not to buy.2, garlic moss garlic moss is a common and delicious vegetables, often appear on people’s tables, garlic moss warranty period is relatively short compared to other vegetables, many businesses in order to extend the shelf life of garlic moss, will spray formaldehyde on the surface of garlic moss, avoid garlic moss rot.When we buy garlic moss, try to carefully smell the smell of garlic moss, to avoid the garlic moss surface has a pungent smell, if there is, do not buy again.Bean sprouts are generally divided into two kinds, one is rootless bean sprouts, one is root, most people will choose rootless bean sprouts, because this kind of bean sprouts look white tender, especially bright.You know what they say, the more beautiful something is, the more toxic it is.Especially bright appearance of the baby vegetables, may be unscrupulous merchants with formaldehyde immersion.4, bag of needle mushroom mushroom is a kind of mushroom food, white tender, which contains more nutrients beneficial to the body, but also rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, can provide energy and nutrition for the body, but also can accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, promote excretion, reduce their own pressure.The taste of flammulina mushroom is very good, and it is very delicious whether it is used in soup or salad. However, due to the short storage time of flammulina mushroom, the normally picked flammulina mushroom will not be fresh for about 1 or 2 days, and even moldy and rotten phenomenon.In order to delay the quality of flammulina mushroom, the merchant will cut off the root diameter of flammulina mushroom and put it directly into formaldehyde water to achieve the effect of anticorrosion and preservation.When opened, packets of flammulina mushrooms often have an unpleasant smell, which is usually soaked in fake spring water. Try to avoid eating them for your health.Formaldehyde is a toxic substance, who recognized it, he will cause different degrees of damage to the skin and respiratory system of the human body, especially to the weaker children.The liver is the largest detoxification and detoxification organ in the human body, mainly helping the body to decompose toxins and garbage. Children’s liver organs are fragile, and eating vegetables with excessive formaldehyde content for a long time is easy to increase the burden on the liver.2, reduce child immunity formaldehyde is easy to damage children’s immune systems as time goes on, defensive ability will reduce slowly, antiviral ability falling, children are likely to get sick a cold, it is because of the dangers of the material, relevant departments didn’t included it in food raw materials and food additives.