Liaoyuan People’s Procuratorate: Give full play to procuratorial function to optimize business environment

2022-06-21 0 By

Other people’s procuratorate as an important force of optimization and other business environment, in recent years, has been to create a good business environment in the city’s prominent position in procuratorial work under the rule of law, give full play to the functions of the procuratorial, trying to optimize business environment aspects, introduced a number of new measures, with a set of “combination”.It is understood that in order to actively implement the judicial protection policy, improve the service guarantee system, and further play the procuratorial function, at the beginning of 2021, the two levels of Procuratorates in Liaoyuan city have set up liaison stations to serve private enterprises.It provides legal advice, publicity and education, judicial assistance and other services for enterprises.Now, it has become the choice of many enterprises to come to contact stations for help when they have legal problems.Li Lin, general manager of Sanyou Hosiery in Liaoyuan city, is one of the beneficiaries.Li Lin said: “If enterprises want to develop high-quality, they cannot do without the escort of the law.Establishment of the junction to provide us with a very powerful help, now I if there are any legal issues, the first time will be to consult junction staff, junction of staff also often to our business, to start the franco-prussian propaganda, we help us to perfect the related system and so on, their comprehensive, precise and professional help, let us feel very steadfast.”Liaoyuan Municipal People’s Procuratorate liaison station for private enterprises provides a good legal business environment for private enterprises, but also puts “I do practical things for the masses” into practice.It is an important measure to improve the business environment to take the initiative to take responsibility, expand communication channels to check the situation and appeal, and “check the pulse” of enterprises.The leaders of the two levels of procuratorate of Liaoyuan took the initiative to visit enterprises, meet the legal needs of enterprise development and project construction, and further improve the procuratorial service measures.Minggan green poultry and egg breeding professional cooperative director Wang Minggan with “meticulous and thoughtful” to describe the city people’s Procuratorate to help enterprises services.Wang Minggan said: “our enterprise urgent, difficult, hope, worry, as long as the city procuratorate said, can always be very good to solve, they are from the heart to help us, this also makes our enterprise feel warm.”It is understood that in order to ensure solid and effective service measures, the Municipal People’s Procuratorate has actively promoted the action of protecting enterprises and ensuring business security, and established working mechanisms such as joint meetings and regular exchanges with enterprises and relevant units to enrich the way that the procuratorial organs serve private enterprises.Set up a “green channel” to serve private enterprises in the “12309” procuratorial service center, and open a “one-stop” service on the inspection platform;The procurator-general shall establish a reception system for letters and visits, and promptly and properly handle letters and visits involving enterprises;In recent years, we have organized 15 procuratorial open days of “Procuratorial Escort the Development of Private Enterprises”, inviting more than 160 business representatives to procuratorial organs.The rule of law is both an important means to improve the business environment and an important part of it.To this end, the Municipal People’s Procuratorate actively uses the rule of law thinking and way to guide enterprises to carry out the rule of law management, creating a good atmosphere in enterprises to abide by the law and Revere the law.Municipal people’s procuratorate at the same time, conscientiously implement the private enterprises and operators slight criminal liability in accordance with the list of impunity, properly handle such cases in accordance with the law of private business operators criminal compensation through a reconsideration of the case public hearings, developing enterprises case crucial action, deepening involved criminal private enterprises “hanging” multiple activities such as special cleaning,We will strive to foster a fair, fair, clean and efficient business environment based on the rule of law.Liaoyuan People’s Procuratorate will closely focus on the overall situation of the city’s economic development, comprehensively use various procuratorial functions, continue to promote the “protection of enterprises and safety of business” action, improve service quality and efficiency, strive to optimize the business environment, and contribute to the high-quality economic and social development of the city.