Buy SUV don’t just stare at qi Jun and Song, I tell you the MG ZS performance is also good

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When buying an SUV, don’t just focus on the Qi Jun and Song. Let me tell you that the Mg ZS also performs well. Thank God, we are meeting again.The author has been waiting here for you for a long time. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your advice and advice. Meanwhile, I wish everyone online a bright future and good luck.I believe all of you successful people know that SUV has improved the disadvantages of the middle bulge, not only has the advantages of good through, low price, and has a good driving experience, is difficult to compete with other models of bright spots, so it has been recognized by some workers, and every month’s sales are targeted.Today, the author is ready to give an in-depth comment on the characteristics of famous and highly attractive online celebrity models with a very objective vision for my dear friends. They are all shared with me from my driving experience.I hope you will be generous with your advice.The first model mg ZS 78,800 to 112,800 about the sales of MG ZS: it is a famous model derived from SAIC mg, launched so far its marketing strength is relatively excellent, at the same time, MG ZS transaction price is relatively down-to-earth, and has won the favor and pursuit of many Chinese.Data show that the mg ZS performance again recently, confidently sold 1.43W units of the good performance, once again won the SUV sales list of the 14th good result, can be called the market is very glorious, dazzling one of the top SUV, also perfectly won the “many many” SUV subdivision of the dark horse.Although no SUV in the world is absolutely perfect, the MG ZS core competitiveness is awesome.This is because of mg ZS extraordinary competitiveness is we can see.I believe that many friends have a feeling that the strength of Mg ZS is particularly sharp, I believe that its sales in the next month will be exciting.Mg ZS overall appearance is more expensive, car paint is very wear-resistant, and MG ZS side line embellishes them, very in line with my aesthetic., round front face, there is a concise family line slightly up, the whole outline is more simple and three-dimensional, especially smooth and simple, at the same time there is a double tiger eye led automatic lights distribution on both sides, waist line and style are quite reliable, very in line with the aesthetic needs of market consumers.Body type analysis: Mg ZS seat space is also “beier” spacious, so that more and more friends feel particularly satisfied, the overall practical area is absolutely very reliable, is undoubtedly reliable.Its car length is 4323 MM, width and height respectively reach 1809mm and 1653mm, such a powerful body even if the rear row position sat 3 normal body MM also do not feel very crowded.So the Mg ZS is enough for commuting.Let many car friends want to give it a million likes.And the trunk loading capacity is very practical, can also put a lot of luggage.The utility is absolutely comparable to the rv, which is good.In terms of power, Mg ZS is undoubtedly confident. Its powertrain can produce a strong power of up to 120P, and it is equipped with CVT continuously variable transmission system. Therefore, MG ZS is very good in both acceleration and starting process.To meet the vast majority of migrant workers travel needs.In addition, cast iron is a big advantage of Mg ZS, the advantage of this kind of material for long life.Displacement performance, Mg ZS not only turbo charging device, but also take into account the natural suction device, it is reported that 1.5L, 1.3T MG ZS is quite good.I think the MG ZS polished by SAIC MOTOR is quite imposing in the range of around 11W SUV.First of all, its front face shape is very visual impact, just like a lively bird of prey.It looks very classy.At the same time, Mg ZS has always had the reputation of “master of space”, so there are a lot of rich areas to sit inside, and mg ZS control performance is quite good, in the same level of competitive models is absolutely very good.The fuel economy of MG ZS is very worthy of praise from consumers in the market, which probably benefits from the inevitable result that the accuracy of the fuel consumption control technology of SAIC MG manufacturers has been greatly improved, so that MG ZS can better match the economic situation of many young car owners.At present, small make up the scene of commuting relatively more, sometimes the scene of traffic jam will be a little bit more, the mg ZS current table shows the fuel consumption can be controlled for 8, the fuel consumption performance is not very high, in the same level of SUV market can also be regarded as strong fuel economy.So many friends are very happy, and girlfriends have praised Mg ZS is really quite practical.To tell you the truth, if you drive it in the middle of nowhere in the desert, its fuel consumption will be higher.I am an unmarried college student, and just scraping my living expenses can cover the gas bill for many days.So this is pretty cool so far.Even though it wasn’t that long, I always believe that the Mg ZS ‘100km fuel consumption will probably be lower after the training period.Consumer evaluation: I believe many little brothers will have this feeling:The name of “ZS suspension system of” thief “, even if the mg ZS provide owners with a powerful fuel economy, but when entering the road condition is poor, really try so hard the whole car will spread, some cases, all vibrations go a car items, if you were not very flexible claus, then sit in it are more likely to feel more uncomfortable.In addition, it is also not equal to idea, mg ZS engine noise is very annoying, especially when faced with uneven or steep slope area will be more serious, in addition, in the process of gas can be aware of the location of the pedal vibration, sometimes to find the customer service staff, but they also said they don’t know what is the problem.Some car lovers also report these dissatisfactions: 1. Mg ZS interior smell is very prominent, for example.2. Sometimes the Bluetooth call cannot be connected, 3. The fuel consumption is a little high, No2: Strange Jun This strange jun looks particularly grand feeling, I like it very much.Qi jun’s face before the whole element is very powerful, more features, like a bull’s eye, the first modest, look up relatively concise, qi jun of the handle at the same time be properly added a lot of dongfeng nissan family characteristics of chrome plated adornment all the brightness of the led big chy-tech te, qi jun recognizable super good night at the same time,And the side of the whole body of strange jun uses the modelling of slip back, the line of the side of the car can be said to be very sexy, such as the extension of flowing water to the tail, powerful field, and the sense of strength is also very sufficient.And the side of the body has been polished, more temperament.Ten thousand “likes” is an exaggeration.Car tail uses the exhaust style of an unusual school, and the design feeling of two LED taillight group of back row is quite good, look up more durable look, in general, the whole appearance modelling of strange jun is still quite new.Old total and good friend originally buy strange jun is running to exceed good-looking exterior modelling to go.Grandma Zhang commented on Strange jun: next sometimes the money on hand is not very abundant, so will go to 4S shop test car have a good taste, at present I feel the new strange jun sound insulation effect is very good, open very quiet, even if the weight is so heavy, and so long, but the control is more beautiful.The third model Song 69,800 ~ 93,800 appearance design: the new Song is mainly sexy and young line, very good, family style grille chrome fine trim especially shiny, very beautiful.At the same time, the design of the LED headlights in front of the song is very energetic. The song chassis is low, solid and easy to control, and I see that it is also very smooth.And there is no lock line of the body, there is the mainstream of luxury SUV chrome wheel, grade feeling bar, in addition, LED taillight group is quite impressive after lighting.Time overflow color, but also do not break noble temperament.It is especially in line with the aesthetic needs of domestic consumers for high-end models. Since I bought the Song, I found it more and more handsome.Interior advantage xiaobian of song’s interior materials is very assured: the material is enough, the assembly process is very sharp, easy to control, and the buttons and air conditioning keys did not appear a little loose collapse, this is my pertinent evaluation of Song.On the other hand, song’s steering wheel is made of high-quality leather, with a sturdy shape and sensitive steering, making the whole car safer and more reliable.Commendable is that song’s seat is not soft or hard, the processing of the fitting degree is also very good, and the seat padding is very soft, even if the car ran seven or eight “hour”, do not feel p pain.At the same time song odor is almost non-existent.And the noise inside the car is almost imperceptible.So Song’s overall driving experience is very smooth.In terms of power, Song’s instantaneous start process is undoubtedly top notch.My partner and I were stunned. We had no lack of stamina at all in our start and acceleration performances.The moment you step on the accelerator, you can feel the power of the car is quite powerful.The TuiBei feeling also is very strong, the noise reduction performance is also special in place, the whole song to accelerate the process of the engine “buzzing” noise is almost listen to not to come out of, in addition, because of its power is great enough, combined with the author jun mainly daily walking is given priority to, so no need for too much improve the dynamic system of song dynasty.Car friends comment 1: The exterior design also meets my aesthetic needs, nearly 5 meters long, the headlights adopt a stylish one-piece style, the atmosphere is quite shining after being lit.It is worth noting that the modelling of the net of song is quite handsome, silvery white chrome plating and the big lamp group in the norm formed a unique design, look up very fashionable and sexy, moreover, the wheel of the aluminum alloy of Song is the sign that leads young more.The size is also very harmonious, no matter its size or shape and other details are also very good.This style is my favorite.The line of the side part also impressed me, and the design of the bottom tire also impressed me, which is more grand than the car at the same price.And the noise reduction effect is the most powerful in the same level of competing SUV, I like no noise environment.And the seat material or good packaging, with the level of the inside, the car price and retention rate is still ok.Overall, the price of song is “thief” praise, high match song unexpectedly less than 90 thousand dollars, since the song after the next family will often go out for a ride.Car Friends comment 2:I used to be no problem of the poor second generation, so is a good face, general car I not up, but after bought the car, every time I took out of old person, child, or to do business go out to have “face”, feel very touching steering feel comfortable, at the same time science and technology are also very tall, my kids always ask outside my song is what east east?I told you Song was your dad’s ride.Another is the feeling of operation, sometimes talking about business upset, want to have a good rest when driving, this car can be said to have met the next driving needs and desires.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, I, of course, is very satisfied to the evaluation of song dynasty, not only the cost performance is good, and also especially good comfort, since I was young, I like the car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a car belonging to her own song, ride comfort, also particularly comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.Car friends comments 4: The power of the song is very strong, the song runs like an electric car, the control is very good, the song’s main technology is the control, especially in the high-speed corner can obviously feel the advantages of driving after.In the models shared with you above, they are 69,800, 78,800 and 18.19W.Generally speaking, the guidance price of different levels of models or there are obvious differences.Data shows that the lowest national 4S offers of MG ZS, Qi Jun and Song are as low as 62,800, 156,500 and 61,800, respectively.Soon came to the end of this article, I do not know you see the officer look on the Mg ZS or strange jun?I would like to wish all of you a prosperous future.If you like this article, give it a thumbs up.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang