At a glance!No wonder Lewan made this remark when comparing three key stats of Ronaldo Messi

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For many football fans and practitioners, there are three things you can’t avoid in life:Death, taxes and compare ronaldo, messi who is more outstanding, it is really a nagging question of almost every player, each coach in an interview will be asked this question, and answer about this problem, but there is no standard recently, two-time world footballer of the year winner, bayern Munich star levante, won the 2021 Poland footballer of the year,In the interview with the organizer “Piłka Nożna”, Levan talked about some hot topics such as:Whether he is owed two Ballon d ‘Or, messi’s failure to vote for him in the FIFA Player of the Year award and how long he will continue to peak, Lewan first expressed his respect for both men and then said that Messi, at Ronaldo’s age,He will be harder to keep the goal efficiency was a quickly aroused the broad masses of fans, actually levante answer very objective, after all, messi after arkansas-louisiana performance there for all to see, half of the season in ligue 1 scored a goal in the league, as seven golden globe winner, this is absolutely unacceptable, and according to foreign media Skores data listed,It’s not hard to see who has had the more spectacular career at the Champions League level: it’s the club’s crowning glory, where the media choose to compare the number of finals they’ve reached, the number of goals they’ve scored in and the number of titles they’ve won.Messi has played in three Uefa Champions League finals in his career: 08/09, 10/11 and 14/15. He scored two goals against Manchester United in 2009 and 2011, plus the 2005/06 trophy, which messi did not appear in.He won 4 big ear cups in his career.Ronaldo has played in six Uefa Champions League finals — 07/08, 08/09, 13/14 and 15-18 — scoring four goals against Chelsea in 2008, Atletico In 2014 and Juve in 2016.Ronaldo and Messi both hold the caps and goals record for their countries, and are likely to extend that record. Ronaldo has scored 115 goals in 184 appearances for Portugal, helping his country win the Euro 2016 championship and the 2019 Uefa Champions League title.Messi scored 80 goals in 158 appearances for Argentina. He helped Argentina win the Under-20 World Cup in 2005 and the Men’s Olympic gold medal in 2008. His only senior team title came with the Copa America in 2021.Add up to a total of two scored 11 golden globes and the 71 team champion trophy, macy’s career so far scored four champions league titles, 10 7 the Spanish league title, the Spanish king’s cup champion, 3 club World Cup champion, 3 European super cup, eight super cups, the America’s cup champion, 1 time 7 Olympic champion and won the golden ball;Cristiano ronaldo has so far won five of the champions league, 1 European champions, two la liga titles and two Spanish king’s cup champion, two super cups, four club World Cup champion, 3 European super cup, one champions league final, three premier league titles, one fa cup, 2 cups, 2 engineers serie a champions, one Italian cup and two Italian super cupTwo Community Shield titles, one Portuguese Cup and five Ballon d ‘Or