Too bad!Zhang Jie is owed 10 million concert payment, the other party has no property to execute!

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Everybody is good!This is news flash.What?Zhang Jie is owed 10 million yuan for his performance fee. What’s going on?Originally at the end of 2019, Zhang Jie began to prepare for a concert tour, because of the sound quality of the scene, and Ningbo Yixiang Tiankai company reached cooperation.Intending to let zhang jie aspects, however, art wants to open a company because of overdue days many concerts of the cost of service and cooperation in court, in order to solve the company’s debt disputes, art wants to open a company arbitrarily use day zhang jie concert money to fill holes in elsewhere, lead to zhang jie had to stop the others stood concert, and because of several other station concert tickets have been sold,So Zhang Jie party from their own pockets to buy tickets to the concert fans for a full refund.After this, Zhang Jie sued The Company to the court, the court also ruled that The company needs to assume legal liability, and pay 10 million yuan and interest to Zhejiang Dongyang Xingyun Star Film and Television Culture Company, which was founded by Zhang Jie and holds 99 percent of the shares.However, it has been two years, the company has not paid.Now Zhang Jie found that art day open company has no property to execute, and the court has therefore ruled the end of the execution procedure, Zhang Jie this is really mute eat coptis bitter.Since his debut, Zhang jie has been working hard to improve his singing ability, and he tries to give his best performance every time on stage.He was injured in a concert accident and should have gone to the hospital immediately, but he sang to the end, touching.And this matter once online fermentation, it caused a lot of public opinion, but a lot of netizens are very sympathetic to Zhang Jie, and hope to open the company can owe Zhang Jie debt as soon as possible.The cooperation with the partners is also a wake-up call to Zhang Jie, in the future he will cooperate with other companies, will investigate the company’s financial resources and debt situation, so as not to be cheated.And he in this event, with the fastest speed to take the initiative to bear the loss of fans, zhang Jie he is also a very responsible, very love stars singer.For the stars, it is also very lucky and happy to support such a responsible and responsible singer.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section