There are more high-energy scenes to be unlocked at the 2022 Online Spring Festival Gala in Suqian

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Suqian network news perhaps this is a fast-paced era, people on the road is always in a hurry, rushing about in the streets, but less sense of belonging to home;Perhaps this is an era of lack of communication, people in high-rise buildings are always answering phone messages, but less care and companionship to family and friends;Maybe this is an era of fragmentation, and we let time slip by unintentionally with short videos. Do you expect to have a grand event exclusively for you and your family?Has a local sound or an old song brought back fond memories of life in your hometown?As the Spring Festival approaches, this party will make you feel at home.Suqian 2022 Online Spring Festival Gala will officially meet the people of the whole city on January 29.You must have seen some of the highlights of the show, but I remind you that the party is not so simple, there are more high-energy scenes waiting for you to unlock!As a city of water charm and ecology, how can suqian people get less “water element” in the party. The painting and calligraphy music and dance show “A Touch of Lake Color”, the dancers use the stage as the “boat” to dance the water charm with fans and dance the water charm with OARS. The actors dance at the same time,Suqian city painting academy full-time calligrapher Yan Zeng and full-time painter Jiujun (Sun Xiuhui) on-site creation of Xingkai works “Shui Yun City” and landscape painting work “Grand Canal Suqian section east pass”.Calligraphers and painters look at the scenery in front of them and deduce the charm of calligraphy and painting like clouds and smoke. I believe that you can also feel the cultural charm of hometown Suqian before the screen.Drama and art program “Flaming Pear Garden” let us feel the local sound, rhyme and feeling in the traditional stage art of suqian’s local characteristic culture, such as Liuqin Opera, Subei Qinshu, Subei Dagu and Peking Opera, so as to make the dialogue between tradition and modern times and pass on the fire of intangible cultural heritage opera.The program began with liuqin opera “Pulling soul cavity”.Liuqin Opera is a kind of traditional opera in Suqian. Its singing style is soft and sweet, euphemistic and pleasant.Accompanied by the music of “la Soul chamber”, “Qingyi” curls up, dancing with long sleeves, dreamlike, telling the love and inheritance of “La Soul chamber”.As the play is sung: this pull soul cavity popular in the Huanghuai earth, the Huanghuai people also cannot leave pull soul cavity, illiterate people listen to the local melodrama of their hometown will be able to understand the truth of many people, the people who are lost in their minds, listen to the pull soul cavity of their hometown will be able to find the feeling of going home, one side soil and water raise one side.A dulcimer, two hanging hu, left hand to hit the board, the right hand to hold the music bar, actors will through subei qin book, in the pure Suqian dialect rap out the real story of Suqian.Accompanied by the sound of “dong, dong, dong”, the national intangible Cultural Heritage material project Of Northern Jiangsu Drum performance will also be on the stage.Niu Chongxiang, the non-hereditary inheritor of Subei Dagu, will lead his three disciples to perform, symbolizing that the development of Subei Dagu has been passed down from generation to generation.Finally, Beijing Opera was put on.A group of young Peking Opera performers performed on the stage, with the help of two Peking Opera teachers performing the lyrics of The Peking Opera “Taking Tiger Mountain by Wisdom”. The scene was very lively and full of Chinese New Year flavor.In the Spring Festival, accompany the old people in the home to listen to the opera of the hometown, talk about the recent work and life, eating steaming reunion dinner, watching the wonderful party, the lights are bright, this New Year we warm.(Yan Jingyao) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: