On the sixth day of the first lunar month, “send the poor ghost” to remember to do three things to bring in money all the year round

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2022 Yinhu year, the first to the fifth soon over, the play also went to play, the busy also busy almost, relatives are gone, red and white also received soft, a year happy round New Year holiday is coming to an end.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, remember to “send the poor”, so that new wealth can come home, so that we can all live a good life.On the sixth day of the first month, “Send the poor” is a very traditional folk activity in the ancient countryside. The meaning of the activity is to send away the poverty and hardship of the old year and welcome a better life in the New Year.According to legend, The Emperor Zhuanxu had a son, short stature, weak physique, unsocial personality, like to wear ragged clothes, even if the beautiful clothes to him, he is torn clothes dirty to wear, like and porridge, like to make poor people dress, looks very alternative, and very early in the first month of the day died.Since then, on the day of his death, it has gradually evolved into the custom of “sending away the ghost of Poverty”.There is a legend that the poor god is the wife of Jiang Ziya, because of faithless Jiang Ziya, so was dubbed as the “poor God”, in order to prevent the Spring Festival “poor god” disorderly door, unlucky, to hang red raft on the door, to prevent her from bringing bad luck.After the Spring Festival to the sixth day, to hang the raft thrown out of the door, but also to clean the courtyard, that send “poor god”.Send the poor so send the poor how to do?Sending people to poverty is a very ceremonial event. In the Tang Dynasty, on the sixth day of the first lunar month, the people would “make willow as a cart, bind grass as a boat, carry rice, and hoist the mast under the yoke of oxen.Make a boat out of willow branches and grass leaves, prepare pancakes, rags, feed and clothe the poor ghost, lead them to the alley and burn them all.Now send the poor are simplified, on the sixth day, clean up the yard, throw the garbage out of the door, or you can buy some cakes into garbage bags.To put it bluntly, in the sixth day is to do a thorough cleaning, let the home clean, our personal picks up neatly, to meet the New Year.The sixth day of the first lunar month is the day for the toilet goddess Zi Gu to inspect toilets, and toilets should also be cleaned.The first to fifth don’t let know broom, meaning “pile type”, at that time, the toilet in the countryside is very simple, is also very dirty, the people that day, relatives also walked, also the impurity cleaning out the toilet, the clear the piles to ferment waste, for the spring plowing, clean up the toilet, to bad luck, good luck to meet.38 69, go out on the sixth day, spring has just passed, the weather will be relatively warm, at home for so long, taking advantage of the good weather, and the family to play outdoors, breathe fresh air, feel the breath of early spring, can wash the soul, let us feel relaxed and happy.It is said that if you walk in a circle, you will have “good luck” in the New Year.Opening six is a lucky number, such as “lucky”, after the Spring Festival, many businesses restaurant in order to make money, early will open in which day hospitality, to set off firecrackers and stick “opening, prospered” couplets, have cultured businessman will also find a “full but person” (husband, children, in-laws have women) to each turn a turn in the house,And say some auspicious words, such as business, financial resources, everything is safe, Pepsi prosperous and so on.There are many different customs and activities around the sixth day of the first month. On this day, everyone gets up early to clean the home inside and out, send out the “poor”, and make the home look new and welcome the new good luck.The sixth day is a very good day, no taboos!I wish you all good luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger.