Luoyang overfulfilled the autumn and winter air quality “national examination” target

2022-06-20 0 By

Li Xiaobo, Video reporter of Dahe Daily, Henan On April 1, Dahe Daily, Henan video reporter learned from luoyang City Environmental commission office that from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 autumn and winter, Luoyang city’s environmental air quality continued to improve, PM2.5 concentration decreased by 7.2%, heavy pollution days decreased by 5 days, blue sky and white clouds significantly increased.Entering the “14th Five-year Plan”, Luoyang city, guided by the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin and aiming at building a beautiful Luoyang city, has put more emphasis on precise, scientific and legal pollution control, and paid more attention to comprehensive, systematic and source control.At the same time, more focus on the crowd around the ecological environment problems, reducing the carbon reduction synergies, the structure of the big four (industry, energy, transportation, and the structure of land use and agricultural inputs) adjust optimization, better overall epidemic prevention and control, economic and social development and people’s livelihood security and ecological environment protection, further play blue sky battle, fall and winter atmospheric pollution comprehensive treatment to be completed,Implement the special action of volatile organic pollution prevention and control, O3 and PM2 in summer.5 pollution synergetic control, industrial special action of atmospheric pollutants standards improve special operation, comprehensive “messy” special operation enterprise regulation, mobile source pollution prevention initiative, key industries special action performance grade ascending, dust pollution control special operation, loose coal pollution control special operation, product quality improvement initiative, stalk burning special operation, fireworks bannedWe strengthened regional joint prevention and control, daily assessment and dispatching, monthly assessment and ranking, monthly ecological compensation, and monthly regular reviews. We continued to improve the control of pollution from enterprise sources, mobile sources, and non-point sources, effectively reducing pollutant emissions, and ensuring continued improvement in air quality.