Linze County 20 towns and villages were named provincial health towns and villages units

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, the gansu province patriotic health campaign committee issued “about naming the 2021 provincial health villages and towns (street), village, community, the decision of the unit”, named after a group of provincial health county-rural unit, linze duck warm town and so on three town, linze smartweed springs, light and other nine village, linze county health bureau and other eight units on the list.In recent years, linze will create jobs and health closely integrated urban and rural development, based on the planning of a high starting point, large investment, full participation, comprehensive regulation, make more perfect urban and rural infrastructure, living environment improved obviously, the urban and rural management level continuously improve, the health consciousness gradually enhanced, the civilization degree of a significant boost.All health institutions have comprehensively strengthened organizational management, health education, environmental hygiene, public hygiene, food hygiene, disease prevention, vector control, water supply and toilet improvement, forming a good pattern of creating public health by sharing and co-creating.At present, the county has created 7 provincial health towns, 39 health villages, 5 health communities, 29 health units.(Linze County Health Care Office)