Just days after Baby and Huang xiaoming divorced, their worlds were turned upside down

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, some media photographed Yang Ying on the road, wearing a white down jacket, plus a pair of sports shoes.Her face is full of spring, full of smile, you can see that she is very happy, and not affected by the divorce.Maybe divorce is right for Yang Ying personally. After all, many girls either buy alcohol to get drunk or feel depressed at home, but she is a bad example.What about Huang Xiaoming?On January 30th, a man was at the airport, wearing a long black down jacket and a black mask, with his hands in his pockets.However, his eyes showed that Huang xiaoming felt sad because of the divorce.So he wasn’t happy and he didn’t get over it.So after the divorce, the two people’s world is really very different, if the media did not capture their divorce state, then it is really hard to imagine such a big gap.And Huang Xiaoming once talked about himself in an interview program, had a period of depression.”I’ve had everything but happiness in my life,” he said.From this paragraph, we can see his disappointment in the relationship, and also feel that he has experienced various setbacks in the relationship.So it’s hard for him to get a stable relationship. Maybe his marriage with Yang Ying was wrong in the first place.After all, she had no fame at all, and she was together when Huang Xiaoming was very popular.And he once told the media that Ying was not good enough for him, so there are signs that divorce is coming.So I hope that after the divorce of the two people, in the future on the road, must meet the right person.Finally, what do you think?Leave a comment in the comments section