During the Spring Festival jining City market supervision bureau to carry out oil quality quick inspection action

2022-06-20 0 By

Shandong Network, China – Shandong, February 3 – In order to implement the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter, effectively ensure the quality and safety of the people’s oil during the Spring Festival, promote the quality supervision level of the refined oil market in Jining city.During the Spring Festival, Jining Market Supervision Bureau carried out special quick inspection of the quality of refined oil products in the circulation field during the Spring Festival.This quick inspection focuses on the unqualified refueling stations randomly inspected in recent years, and investigates the distribution and sales of refined oil business units through the grassroots market supervision office, so as to determine the key business units for quick inspection of refined oil.In the process of quick inspection, strict quick inspection process, standardize law enforcement procedures, record the quick inspection process, make on-the-spot records, fill in work orders and record the sales price, purchase quantity and inventory quantity of refined oil in detail by recording, taking photos or video, etc.Key inspections were carried out on illegal activities that disturbed the circulation order of the refined oil market, such as operating oil products that did not conform to the label or logo, adulterating oil products with fake products, and having unknown sources.During the Spring Festival oil quick inspection action has been completed yanzhou district, Rencheng District, jingkai district, Jiaxiang County, Jinxiang County, Yutai county and other 6 counties and cities of 49 gas stations 103 batches of oil sample quick inspection, not found unqualified oil.In the next step, Jining Market Supervision and Administration bureau will continue to further promote precise, scientific and legal pollution control.We will pay close attention to the key link of the quality of oil products in circulation, further clarify the key points of rectification, establish a long-term mechanism for pollution prevention and control in the field of market supervision, and assist in the prevention and control of air pollution in the city.