Cao Cao travel in response to the “Didi merger and acquisition” rumor: the news is false without any intention or move

2022-06-20 0 By

In response to the rumor that Didi intends to acquire Cao Chuxing, Cao Cao Chuxing replied to The Securities Times E company that the rumor is not true news and Cao Cao Chuxing has no intention or action related to this.Cao Cao chuxing public relations officer said the company’s business development is healthy, since the completion of the B round of financing in September last year, business development has entered the fast lane.”The company will have new progress in business landing.”It was previously announced that several Didi employees have joined Cao Cao Chuxing, and Gong Xin, who previously served as general manager of Didi’s ride-hailing business division and was in charge of designated driving, ride-hailing and regional ride-hailing businesses, has been appointed as THE CEO of Cao Cao Chuxing.Didi intends to acquire Cao Cao Chuxing at the right time, the source said.