Yang Guozheng visited the frontline police on duty and auxiliary police during the Spring Festival

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Taken the guardian, “p” in the peace years | snow color painted the instinctive quality that is our loyal concentric fight disease | the war outbreak linan “hard core” of public security police story u guardian, peace years | “p” incoming color!Lin ‘an Public Security New Year’s Eve online!On the third day of the lunar New Year, ruixue is flying.Yang Guozheng, district Party Secretary, accompanied by Wang Zhongmin, deputy district chief and public Security sub-bureau chief, went to qianqiuguan interprovincial checkpoint, Wanfu Bridge epidemic prevention and control checkpoint of Xugao Line and other places to visit the frontline police and auxiliary police who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival holiday, and sent New Year’s greetings and sincere greetings.Since the beginning of the current round of snow and ice, the Qianqiu Pass checkpoint has implemented a 24-hour duty system with multiple departments on joint duty to ensure road safety and smooth operation and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.Yang guozheng visited the police and auxiliary police on duty, thanked them for their hard work and positive contributions, and told them to combine work and rest and take care of their health.He stressed the need to strengthen the construction of grassroots Party organizations, always practice the original mission of “building a branch in the pass, youth guard under the mountain”, firmly protect the safety of people’s lives and property.Yang Guozheng and his delegation also came to the Wanfu Bridge epidemic prevention and control checkpoint of Xugao Line to visit the police and auxiliary police on duty here.He pointed out that strict management, scientific deployment of forces, and fuyang on duty personnel work together to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control inspection.Editor | Pan Yinzhi | Fu Xu nuclear hair | Chen Shuang ★ police flower said fraud | to pay express, may be fraud!U said the police spend anti cheat | download particles to borrow the APP?It’s a scam!★ police said fraud | card suddenly more money!Wait, it’s probably a scam!