“Winter Olympics trust, Unicom power” series of reports: Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics village opened!Enter the “smart home” of athletes together

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Photo taken on Dec. 30, 2021 shows zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Paralympic Village).Xinhua News Agency hebei News on January 27 (Song Na) Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) (hereinafter referred to as “Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village”) officially opened today!As the “base camp” for more than 2,600 athletes and team officials, zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village will provide accommodation, living, entertainment, arrival and departure services for guests from dozens of countries.Here, athletes will use mobile phones and computers for their pre-match rest, post-match recovery, daily life and leisure and entertainment, which can not be separated from the support of the Internet.So, zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village has what core “communication technology”, will give athletes to create a kind of “wisdom home”?Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village covers an area of 19.7 hectares, with a total construction area of 239,000 square meters, including three functional areas: residential area, square area and operation area.In the square, there are 22 operating Spaces for commercial services, franchising, TCM exhibition and cultural activities, including athlete class station, delegation reception and visitor center, media center, security center and so on.”Village” is not small, there are many buildings, “villagers” in various areas of activity, will be restricted access to the Internet?According to the China unicom zhangjiakou games village communication security team manager Dong Zhaochun introduction, China unicom in zhangjiakou games village is decorated “with network with account”, athletes with a single input its own exclusive WiFi account and password, in a room or other area can achieve “seamless switching” Internet freedom “, “don’t have to switch account for many times.A night view of zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Paralympic Village) on November 23, 2021 (aerial photo).The residential area of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village consists of nine apartment blocks and one public block.As the steel structure inside the building blocks wireless WiFi signals, the communication support team of China Unicom Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village adjusted the network layout scheme and installed FTTH light cat devices in each room one by one to improve wireless WiFi signal coverage capacity.With the support of 5G technology, nearly 2,000 10 gigabit light cat devices have been woven into a powerful “network”, thus ensuring that every location in every room can enjoy the Internet and enjoy the ultra-high speed.”The Internet access rate in each room of zhangjiakou Village is far higher than the technical requirements set by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics,” he said.Dong said the “villagers” will enjoy high-speed Internet access in their own rooms and public areas.In order to ensure “freedom of communication in the village”, many external devices are naturally used, the most common of which are wireless WiFi and 5G devices.Walking into the athletes’ restaurant in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village, you will find Wi-Fi and 5G equipment arranged around the walls.”If the device goes into the wall, the network signal will be blocked;If it lands, it will bring inconvenience to the athletes who are eating and increase the possibility of damage to equipment and wiring.”Han Xinzhu, a member of China Unicom zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village communications team, said that this approach has also been recognized by the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee.