Who put forward the idea of isolation

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The policy of closing the country to the outside world had been in existence since the Hongwu reign of the Ming Dynasty, but it was emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty who really pursued this policy and began to fully implement the policy of closing the country to the outside world.Of course, Qianlong did not explicitly propose the so-called closed-door policy, he only implemented the policy of closed-door policy, which set the history back.1. There was no definite time point for China’s isolation from the outside world. When Japanese pirates harassed the southeast coast of China in the late Ming Dynasty, China began to implement the isolation from the outside world.2, the isolation of the country unconsciously constrained the development of China’s foreign trade and industry and commerce, so that the germination of China’s capitalism is restricted.Isolation also strengthened the rulers’ megalomania and hindered the exchange of civilizations between China and the rest of the world.3. Reasons for the isolation: The rulers of the Qing Dynasty insisted on the policy of “agriculture-oriented, emphasizing agriculture and suppressing commerce”;The stability of a self-sufficient feudal economy prevented people from having much contact with the outside world;China’s progress has been seriously affected by its self-conceit as a big country in China.Influence: It made China lag behind the world, closed foreign trade, and made China unable to carry out economic exchange with other countries;Hindering the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, so that the western modern science and technology can not be introduced to China.