Spokesperson, IP, season limited funds…Luckin’s “youth” marketing shortens its distance with users

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When generation Z becomes the backbone of consumption, keeping “young” becomes the new path of upward development of the brand.Luckin coffee has created a new model that works by exploring how to reach young people through product and gameplay iterations.This year, Luckin cherry blossom season is coming as promised. Through the combination of spokesperson Gu Ayling, artist cooperation and seasonal limited products, Luckin continues its strategy of promoting youth and narrowing its distance with young people. “Young, luckin” has gradually become the lifestyle declaration of generation Z.To meet young people’s constantly upgrading demand for quality and taste, Luckin has launched many products such as Luojia Cherry latte, pink cherry bubble coffee and Cherry Cherry Ice Cream this cherry blossom season.In addition, Luckin coffee brand spokesperson Gu Ailing showed a lively and sweet side of the “genius girl” outside the competition, which was more in line with the tone of the cherry blossom season and further boosted the hot sales of products in this year’s cherry blossom season.Since Luckin signed a contract with Gooeling, the discussion popularity on social platforms has reached its peak for many times. On February 8, luckin weibo index increased as high as 1684.21% on the match day. The customized coffee of Gooeling has been sold out for many times, with the popularity matching the sales volume.Luckin’s key consideration in choosing spokespersons has always been to find “idols” that fit with the brand’s young tone and are deeply loved by young people.Earlier, Luckin co-founder and chief growth officer Yang Fei said in an interview, “Gu is a perfect fit with luckin’s professional, young, fashionable and healthy brand image.”Artists have come Arouse the enthusiasm for collecting control clock in this year, rui xing cherry blossom season in Japan illustrator Mayumi Oono, cherry blossoms element of artistic design, and introduced the cherry blossom lucky sign, artists, paper bags, such as joint type of face mask and cup and cup set of ideas, let is spreading the feeling of romance, pure and fresh, interesting, comprehensively stimulate clock in young people’s enthusiasm.These young people pursue personalized and diversified experience, so in addition to product innovation, limited product series such as co-branded products and seasonal products are also important drivers to stimulate their purchasing power.According to the coffee consumption research results of the post-1995 generation released by Southern Metropolis Daily, “the launch of seasonal limited/co-branded products”, “the launch of new product peripherals” and “the update of better-looking packaging” are the factors that inspire the post-1995 generation to purchase their favorite coffee brands repeatedly, ranking 3rd to 5th.Luckin not only has seasonal limited product series such as cherry blossom season, but also has cross-border cooperation with brands and artists such as LINE FRIENDS, CRAIG & KARL, Feng Tang and Pan Hu. It is not surprising that luckin continues to gain popularity among young people.In addition to cherry blossom season, Luckin has also created seasonal and holiday limited products such as Rina-ice season, Drink more Lattes at Christmas, and Limited series in Spring. Each time, the products and marketing methods are upgraded, which are popular among young people.During this year’s Beijing Winter Olympic Games, luckin launched a new brand declaration of “Young, Luckin” as Gu Ailing won the gold medal and flooded all social media platforms. The brand image of “professional, young, fashionable and healthy” became more popular.Luckin, with its own Internet gene, has gradually found that its brands and products are more popular among young consumers based on years of data accumulation.Luckin brand in the process of development, gradually found a set of young marketing paradigm more suitable for young users to upgrade the quality and personality pursuit, also let the generation of popular drinks in the drinks industry successfully.In this process, Luckin “opened a new chapter”, the young brand image continued to deepen, brand goodwill and product sales continued to improve, and embarked on the fast track of high-quality and rapid development.