Many countries held Spring Festival themed celebrations

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To welcome the Year of the Tiger, Finland, Mauritius and the Seychelles held distinctive Spring Festival celebrations to let local people and overseas Chinese experience Chinese New Year culture.The 16th Finnish Spring Festival Temple Fair was held in Helsinki, Finland, on Jan 31, local time, jointly organized by the People’s Government of Beijing and the municipal government of sister city Helsinki.The content of the temple fair includes not only the wonderful evening jointly recorded by China and Finland, which is broadcasted live simultaneously on the website channel of Helsinki Municipal Government and the official website of the temple Fair, but also the ice sculpture exhibition of various tiger shapes offline.Bring thick Chinese New Year flavor to local people.Played “happy Spring Festival” New Year concert in Mauritius on February 1, local time, hosted by the Chinese culture and tourism, and tour hall and Mauritius Chinese culture center in shandong province planning of Mauritius, the New Year concert at 3 sets of Mauritius state television and satellite channel, played in MAO ode to celebrate the New Year, celebrate the year of the tiger the arrival of the Spring Festival.The concert will be performed by the Folk orchestra of Shandong Song and Dance Theater.The repertoire included both traditional repertoire such as “Happy New Year”, “Happy Moon” and “Jasmine Flower”, as well as new repertoire such as “The Moon Represents My Heart” and “Swan Goose”, which are well known to Mauritius people.Among them, the Mauritius classic “La Riviere Tanier” (River Tanier) tailored for this concert was presented as the finale. The familiar melodious melody was played by traditional Chinese instruments, making the audience feel the unique beauty of Chinese and Mauritius culture and the beauty of cultural integration between the two countries.Seychelles International Airport has been sporting a festive new red outfit.Chinese elements such as red lanterns, Chinese knots and red panda dolls decorate every corner of the airport, adding a festive Touch of Spring Festival.During the event, the airport set up a special booth for free books for passengers to read, including not only Chinese Musical Instruments, the introduction of Chinese New Year customs, but also the epidemic prevention guide prepared by the Embassy.In the airport’s lounge area, a video of Beijing’s Winter Olympics is playing on a loop on a large screen, designed to show visitors the city’s confidence and determination to host the games.”Airport New Year” is held by the Chinese embassy in the seychelles seychelles the ninth “China day” online series of activities, one of the event throughout the lunar New Year, to love the Chinese culture, the desire to understand the development of Chinese contemporary society the seychelles friends to send a package during the Spring Festival culture, and bring the seychelles thick “hit” in China.Source: