Huaxing police station helped an old man in his 70s go home

2022-06-19 0 By

At about 21 o ‘clock on February 7, 2022, The Huaxing police Station of Gaoxin Branch received an alarm from the public that the old man was lost this afternoon after leaving his home alone in Chashan Au, Zhuhui District. After searching for the lost old man, he appeared near yintai Hongcheng community in the High-tech Zone at about 18 o ‘clock, and asked the police to help him find it.It is understood that the old man is in his late 70s and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.Cold winter rain, at this time of the outdoor temperature as low as 2℃, the old man has been floating outside for 5 or 6 hours, one minute later to find a minute more dangerous.Then receive police auxiliary police divided into two groups to carry out the search.One group searched for signs of the elderly man by reviewing video surveillance cameras, while the other group led family members to drive to the man’s most recent location.After three hours of unremitting efforts by the auxiliary police, the elderly man was found shivering in the vicinity of Evergrande Oasis community at about 0 o ‘clock the next day.At this time the family members suspended the heart finally fell to the ground.The family members held the hands of the police tightly, thanked the civilian auxiliary police for their hard work, and lamented that “you are the patron saint of the people”.Police tips: Family members should try to avoid the elderly going out alone, pay more attention to and care for them, and wear bracelets, watches or phone tags with positioning function for the elderly to avoid the recurrence of lost events.Review: Liao Chen source: Hengyang High-tech police editor: Yan Xi