2-0!Liverpool beat Manchester City for the fifth time in a row to win the Premier League title

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Liverpool beat Leicester 2-0 in the 24th round of the 2021-2022 Premier League on Feb 11 at 3:45 a.m. (Beijing time).After the game, with a round less Liverpool temporarily nine points behind the leaders.Liverpool have been on a surge in recent form, winning their last four games and unbeaten in their last seven after beating Cardiff City 3-1 in the FA Cup.Manchester City’s 2-0 win over Brentford means Liverpool need a win to keep up the pressure on the blue Moon.Salah is on the bench after returning from the Africa Cup of Nations, David di Az, who signed for $45m in the winter window, makes his Premier League debut and Arnold marks his 150th premiership game.The seventh minute, Lukman left straight jam, Madison into the penalty area from a small Angle to force the goal, Alison reached out to block the ball from the baseline.Sumareh headed wide from Madison’s corner.In the 19th minute, Arnold got the ball in the penalty area, he coolly dunked Ndidi left footed volley, schmeichel saved the ball!The 34th minute, Arnold right corner cross, van Dyke cross body vigorously header, schmeichel small catch the ball off, If ta in front of the alert shot, 1-0!Jota scored in succession.In the 42nd minute, Robertson’s cross from the left was parried by schmeichel and Tiago curled a fine sideways volley just wide of the line.Tiago is full of movement and imagination.The 51st minute, Firmino foul was yellow card warning, Madison free kick direct attack, the ball was blocked by the wall!In the 59th minute, van Dijk headed a cross from a corner, but jota’s pad shot was only slightly over. Then Liverpool replaced Firmino with Salah and Jones with Elliott.In the 69th minute, Diaz burst into the box to dodge a brilliant jota pass and hit the ball wide with his left foot.In the 74th minute, Salah forced a shot from a small Angle on the right side of the penalty area blocked by schmeichel.In the 75th minute, Hall missed a pass and Salah ran into the box alone. His shot from Schmeichel was blocked and pharaoh missed.The 87th minute, Liverpool front counter rob, Matipu wear crotch wonderful pass, Jota turned to attack the goal, 2-0!That goal killed the game!Jota scored 17 goals in his 31st appearance for Liverpool this season, 12 in 22 premier League games.Of his 17 goals this season, Jota has scored 6 with his left foot, 6 with his right foot and 5 with his head.Liverpool beat Leicester 2-0 to pick up the three points.The Reds have won five consecutive matches in all competitions, including three in the Premier League.With Liverpool on 51 points, nine points behind Manchester City with a game in hand, this season’s premier League title remains in doubt.