What will happen to your pocketbook in 2022

2022-06-18 0 By

What will happen to your money bag in 2022, how will The Chinese stock market go, how will the future of all walks of life, take a look at this document, we can interpret it to be a duck prophet.The three ministries and commissions of the People’s Bank of China issued a document saying that since March 1st, more than 50,000 personal savings need to be examined and used. However, we should not be alarmed. This is one of the phenomena of capital outflow.The combination of control, a period of time before the rectification biquan, as well as anti-fraud propaganda and blow, including the stock market performance is good but not long, all the problems point to.Keep the money in the country and the capital chain is very, very tight at the moment, so I think the asset-heavy industries are going to have a hard time this year. Bloggers who make short videos and so on are going to suffer some serious tax effects.Therefore, how to avoid taxes and save taxes will be the most important direction for these high-income groups to think about.So actually block is inferior to scanty, the money is blocked does not let flow out, because abroad they are performing to make money effect, so if we do not perform here, then block is not blocked.It is very convenient for Chinese people to find reasons in order to drain their money out of the country. Even the men’s football team lost in a complete mess can find reasons. Why can’t they find reasons?So it’s highly likely that after a few more months of pain, we’ll be performing, too.So for us ordinary investors, we quietly wait for it to sink to the bottom, and then get on his show train, too early you will be very painful too late.After the show, you go on, and then you take it.