Under the epidemic, the digitalization of sports industry presses the “fast forward button”

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Games suspended, venues closed, home epidemic prevention…Against the backdrop of the ongoing epidemic prevention and control, more and more Shanghai residents and sports fans are turning their attention to online. The “Internet plus Sports” initiative led by scientific research and development has quietly changed people’s exercise patterns and living habits.Recently, the new round of nucleic acid screening in Shanghai requires residents in the locked-down areas to stay indoors, and almost all citizens obey the overall situation and stay at home with peace of mind.Looking at the bright sunshine outside the window, sports fans have logged on to the Lepower APP of Ali Sports to experience the new “AI sports”, and do sports at home without stopping.Zhao Lina, the goalkeeper of China’s national women’s soccer team and the main player of Shanghai Women’s soccer team, recently posted a video on social media of using AI Sports to exercise at home.After zhao Lina completed the fitness movements such as open and close squat jump, jumping jacks, straight arm jumping jacks and push-ups with high quality, she called on Shanghai citizens to use the new means of Internet technology to ensure more accurate technical movements and better exercise results at the critical stage of The epidemic prevention in Shencheng, and finally form the habit of home exercise.Gu Ailing, Zhao Lina and other sports stars maintain the exercise intensity of home fitness through AI sports.What is AI?It is the English abbreviation of artificial intelligence, first applied in the field of word recognition.With the development of science and technology, this technology is widely used in sports.So what is “AI sport”?”AI Exercise” is an intelligent AI recognition technology that allows users to exercise with measurable and correctable results with only a mobile phone and a space of 3 to 4 square meters at home.”AI Movement” through the real-time detection of human body contour in the video, positioning more than ten key bone points, connecting the points into lines, lines to form the movement, so as to analyze and detect the degree of completion of the movement, help exercisers intuitively understand the accuracy of the completion of the movement, correct and perfect the details of the movement in a more scientific way, improve the training effect.Actually, “AI movement”, based on the technology of ali just was born in 2020, during the outbreak, research and development objective is to comply with the demand of home fitness, the surge of users online campaign, developed in the field of the intelligent motion recognition technology based on AI intelligent motion function, let the participants can easily break through scene limit exercise anytime and anywhere.Research on offline exercise shows that during the epidemic period, not only the “number of regular exercise” declined, but also the frequency, time and intensity of residents’ physical exercise declined.With the launch of “AI Campaign”, the flexible, simple and convenient online home exercise has attracted more people to stay home and exercise during the epidemic.Statistics provided by the organizer of the “March 21 Sports Festival” show that more than 750,000 people completed sports activities through “AI Sports” from March 9 to 24.When it comes to fitness moves, the top five most popular moves are squatting, straight arm jumping jacks, squatting jumping jacks, rope skipping and jumping jacks.The new “AI Sport” will play a key role in the 2022 March 21 Sports Festival.”March 21 Sports Festival” (formerly known as The March Slimming Festival) was launched by Ali Sports in 2017. At first, it was a sports festival jointly with a number of fitness service brands, combining online promotion, offline venues and training, live interactive and other ways of playing.This year’s “3·21 Sports Festival”, the new launch of “AI sports” new solution, in the “card currency, sports gold” theme remains unchanged, through the “card currency” ranking ratio of high and low rules under the background of the same, further enrich the content and form of activities, encourage more people to participate in sports, form sports habits.”Card coin”, namely “calorie coin”, is the virtual currency of “Sports Bank”, the original sports score system of Ali Sports.During the “March 21 sports festival, sports fans as long as through power APP, taobao, pay treasure, nailing on the client’s account” movement “, recorded and accumulate their own movement data (including AI movement frequency, walking steps product number) and offline to venues movement, daily exercise, the more calories you burn, the “card currency” in their account.National fitness is making great strides towards the era of digitalization and wisdom. Continuous technological upgrades and iterations make it more convenient, professional and interesting for people to participate in sports.The “AI Sports” and “March 21 Sports Festival” are constantly inspiring people to participate in sports and pay attention to their health, and at the same time actively generate sports consumption behavior, so as to obtain richer sports consumption experience.Even during the quarantine period, sports fans always maintain a positive and sunny attitude towards life, because every step they take and every exercise has dual economic and social value.A few years ago, China’s sports industry seemed like a surreal fantasy epic drama. The whole industry seemed to be in a slump before the real climax.Thanks to the remarkable achievements of the sports industry development in the 13th Five-Year Plan period of Shanghai, Ali Sports, registered in Yangpu District of Shanghai, made progress while maintaining stability and remained focused after the “bubble” appeared in the industry as a whole. Through the profound understanding and practice of sports digitalization, ali Sports ushered in a new good momentum with a “long-term layout” attitude., according to vice President ali sports Huang Chunxiang company for development “AI movement” has for several years, it is enough reserves and accumulation, regardless of the outbreak occurred in 2020 when, epidemic prevention and control, normalization stage, or disease resistance now crucial period, the team can be a little improvement on the technique, let it play out in the science and technology and social value.”We see ‘AI sport’ first as a technology, then as a product, and now we see it more as an ability — the ability to use digital means to host events both online and offline,” he says.After all, sports should return to the offline world, and its inspiring significance to the whole population and society to defeat the epidemic and return to normal life is self-evident.”Around huang Chunxiang said this ability, in April 2020, the first college AI online competition – “Cloud Games” attracted tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou Dianzi University and other eight universities to participate.With the scale of offline sports limited, more than 10,000 students took part in an online sports meeting on their mobile phones during their online courses.At the end of 2021, Ali Sports and China University Sports Association will co-host “Chinese College Students Healthy Campus Competition and AI Physical Fitness Competition”. College students will compete with each other in “weekly competition”, “monthly competition” and “semester competition”. The competition will start on December 13, 2021.By the end of March, more than 190 universities had participated, with an average of 33,000 participants per day.The “Campus Health Index”, based on the participation and completion of each participating school, will also serve as an important basis for the selection of nCAA “Healthy Campus”.In March 2022, with the technical support of Ali Sports Power AI campaign, Yangpu District took the lead in launching the AI challenge of “Community Sports Festival” in the whole city. Through the “cloud AI guidance”, it not only provides online guidance for citizens to exercise at home, but also realizes real-time counting, allowing citizens to win sports points and “save” for health.Digitalization and wisdom are promoting the high-quality development of national fitness. This national fitness event, held at a special time, is a good practice of government and enterprise cooperation in fighting the epidemic.Today’s Chinese sports industry, digital wave transformation is still in a vigorous manner, many enterprises are looking at “AI movement” of the new technology, but good for the win, the foresight, how to rely on science and technology research and development advantages to resolve the problem, constantly looking for broken chance, is a sports enterprise’s core competitiveness.Source: Shanghai News