To patrol the Qinling Electric Power “Main Artery”

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Zhou Hongliang and his colleagues patrol the snow-covered Qinling Mountains.Reporter Tian Xichao on February 2, the second day of the first lunar month, baoji railway station less than the previous period of traffic.Around 9:30, a long queue formed at the ticket barrier.Most of the people in the queue were attracted to take the 6,063 “slow train” to enjoy the snow in the Qinling Mountains.Many tourists can go to the Qinling Mountains to enjoy the snow during the Spring Festival, it is necessary for the staff to stick to their posts and ensure the smooth operation of the train.Zhou Hongliang of State Grid Baoji Power Supply Company is one of them.”Higher, higher, yes, nearer.”Deep in the snow-covered Qinling Mountains, Zhou Hongliang, head of the Qinling power transmission operation and maintenance team of State Grid Baoji Power Supply Company, commands his colleagues and flies a drone to inspect the transmission lines.On the eve of the Spring Festival, due to continuous snow and cold weather, the 110 kv transmission line in the Qinling Mountains had a large area of ice.Therefore, around the Spring Festival, it became the most important work for Zhou hongliang and his colleagues to conduct a comprehensive inspection of power transmission lines with drones and start melting ice at any time.More than 100 kilometers of the route are all located in inaccessible mountains. Zhou hongliang and his colleagues have to patrol the whole route, braving cold wind and snow.”If the inspection of this transmission line is not in place and the ice melting is not timely, it may affect the electricity consumption of fengxian residents, and even the whole Baocheng Railway may be affected and cannot operate normally.””In the past, all the patrol work could only be done with one pair of eyes and two feet.Now that conditions are good, we can get the job done with drones and remote video surveillance.But in extreme weather, such as fog and snow, the cameras can’t see very well, so we have to rely on two eyes and two feet to do the job.”In recent years, Zhou Hongliang and his colleagues have undertaken the power line operation and maintenance task of Baoji section of Baocheng Railway, China’s first electrified railway. With the opening of xulan high-speed railway, zhou Hongliang and his colleagues have also taken on the power guarantee work of Baoji section of Xulan High-speed Railway.In order to finish the work safely and efficiently, Zhou Hongliang and his colleagues not only trained “iron feet” and “fire eyes”, but also established zhou Hongliang Innovation Studio, developed a large number of power maintenance tools and equipment, and has obtained 12 national patents.These practical small inventions have solved the major problems in the operation and maintenance of power lines and effectively guaranteed the power supply of Baoji section of Baocheng Railway and Xulan high-speed railway.”This year is the 24th Spring Festival since I have been on the job. My family and I are used to it.Seeing the efforts of myself and my colleagues to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the ‘main artery’ of Qinling Electric Power, I think everything is worthwhile!”Zhou hongliang said.(Reporter Tian Xichao) Source: Shaanxi Daily