To force!In 2021, the added value of Yibin’s service industry will reach 122.3 billion yuan

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As an important part of the modern industrial system, the service sector is linked to both economic development and people’s well-being. It plays an important role in economic and social development, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting employment.Recently, the reporter learned from the Bureau of Commerce of Yibin that the added value of the service industry in Yibin reached 122.3 billion yuan in 2021, ranking the third in the province and double that of 2016. Among them, the added value of the service industry accounted for 38.85% of GDP.A total of 120.995 billion yuan was eliminated, up 17.8% year on year.E-commerce transactions reached 48.254 billion yuan, up 21.54% year on year.Entering the “14th Five-year Plan”, Yibin’s service industry shows the new characteristics of “accelerating speed, increasing proportion and improving quality”, and the agglomeration effect of business circle is obvious, which brings convenience to the people’s life and leisure in various regions.Yibin city business bureau deputy section chief Lin Xu think XieDiaoKe service industry development, thanks to the service quality of the municipal party committee to develop in a more prominent position, in recent years continued to strengthen policy support and increase the intensity of investment promotion and capital introduction, focusing on project construction, strengthening the construction of service business environment, give full play to the policy guide and promote the role,Further enhance the level and level of the city’s service industry development.In recent years, the yibin has launched “sanjiang mouth support the central business district (CBD) industry development policy” about to speed up the construction of modern service industry the views of the city “on the construction of modern service industry is strong, high quality to the upper Yangtze river area of modern service industry center implementation opinion” to promote modern service industry such as “5 + 1” focus on the development of high quality of implementation opinions and supporting policies.Through the city’s service industry development conference, held the international conference (yibin) tea industry, the 11th China international wine fair, China’s bamboo culture festival and the 2nd China (yibin) international bamboo industry development summit (bamboo products trade fair), the development of Chinese intelligent terminal assembly local features such as brand exhibition, further promotes yibin city services brand radiation ability;By building a digital industry-finance collaborative platform, the service radius and influence range of traditional trading enterprises “offline + online” have been expanded. Wuliangye, Linhu Qutongue, Yibin Yinhongli, Yibin Yacai, Nanxi Dried Bean curd and other products have been selected as sichuan Province’s top 100 e-commerce brands.Through the promotion of key projects, the chengyi International Logistics Park project in the upper Reaches of the Yangtze River was started construction in Sanjiang New Area, and the International Bamboo Products Trading Center and other projects were completed and put into operation.Through “going out and bringing in”, Yibin’s service industry is further expanded and its ability to attract investment is further strengthened.A number of key projects, such as Yibin International Convention and Exhibition Center, Yibin Wanda Plaza, Sanjiangkou CBD, Chengdu-Guizhou High-speed railway Plaza complex, Lingang Economic Development Zone Big data Center in the upper Reaches of the Yangtze River and Yibin Big Data Industrial Park Project Phase I, have injected new momentum into the high-quality development of the city’s service industry and the acceleration of building a regional consumer center.Lin Xu said, the New Year, will continue to uphold the “open concept to grasp business, incremental investment way, to serve the breeding stock” development philosophy, strive to cultivate a group of quotient, wen, body, entertainment as one of the high-end consumption in the scene, to promote the development of business big span, the total annual value added of the tertiary industry achieve 2026 to 232 billion yuan.