Shuanglong community: Yuanxiao, spring warm Shuanglong

2022-06-18 0 By

Get together the most joy, reunion the most happiness, unity is the most powerful.In order to create a good festival cultural atmosphere, enrich the community residents amateur cultural life, further promote community harmony, to welcome the arrival of the Lantern Festival, February 15 morning, zhonghe street Shuanglong community special launched our festival · Yuanxiao – “yuanxiao, spring warm Shuanglong” theme activities.At the beginning of the activity, the community self-organized happy you, me and his team represented the disabled and the elderly to self-reliance, and the blue Ziqiang Dragon gave a wonderful performance of “Dragon Dance”, and the disabled entrepreneurs brought a sign language dance “Grateful Heart”.The activity site not only for community residents free distribution of dumplings, but also by the party members of the volunteers will be part of the boiled dumplings to the community guards, sanitation workers, etc., meaning eating the New Year sweet and complete.Through this activity, community residents more deeply feel the atmosphere of the traditional Chinese festivals and the connotation, not only inherits the traditional festival of the Chinese nation’s fine folk culture, has increased the feelings between neighborhoods, promoted between residents and residents, the communication between residents and community and feelings, create a happy, happy festival, civilized and harmonious atmosphere, enhance the cohesive affinity of the community,Create a harmonious and harmonious festival atmosphere, in the community to form a good fashion of unity, health and civilization.