Poetry! From the first day to the 15th, a day of poetry with you in the Year of the Tiger!

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Reunion Chinese New Year Music: Cheng Guangyong Reunion Chinese New Year In China, the most solemn festival is the Spring Festival, the colorful “New Year customs” is an indelible memory in every Chinese mind.The Chinese “Year” is both sacred and full of joy. Every day has its own customs and every place has its own customs.In the thick atmosphere of the Spring Festival, scholars of all dynasties wrote many well-known masterpieces.From the first day to 15, a day of poetry with you in the Year of the Tiger!The first day of the first month “Yuan Day” Wang Anshi firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into tu Su.Thousands of eyes pupil day, always put the new peach in the old symbol.The first day of the first lunar month is the beginning of the lunar year, month and day.Because it is the first lunar calendar, it is also called “Yuanshuo”. The main folk activities include paying New Year’s greetings, setting off firecrackers, pasting Spring Festival couplets and giving New Year’s money.On the second day of the first month, “New Year’s greetings” 苏泂 to the car to the horse worship in droves, year after year is not afraid to trouble.Worship the old man to the mountain, some of the children when the door.The second day of the first lunar month is the traditional Uncle’s Day.On this day, uncles have to pay New Year’s greetings to their in-laws.On this day, married daughters go back to their parents and ask their husbands to accompany them, so it is also called “Welcome Husbands Day”.The visiting daughter must bring some gifts and red envelopes, give them to her children, and have lunch at her parents’ home.The 3rd day of the 1st lunar month the 3rd day of the 1st lunar month han 淲 New Year joy total idle monk language, the paper curtain under the dusk light.Live fire slowly fry tea gradually ripe, call child when the charcoal to add.The third day of the first lunar month, also known as “Pig Day”, is usually not a day to pay New Year’s visits.On this day, every house with a well next to it will take incense and vegetables for the well column in the morning, and the red paper sealed on the well on New Year’s Eve will be removed, which is called opening the well;In some places, people sweep dust in dustpan, add our broom, pour in the intersection, to show to send poor.On the fourth day of the first month, “Butterfly love flower” Shen Xuan received the Kitchen God day is not dawn, firecrackers sound loud, urge to open the door early.New picture zhong Kui hung up first, big red spring pin gold good.Atractylodes heap furnace aroma around, yellow paper god card, write god number.Burn ashes do not sweep, day oblique drunk and clothes down.The fourth day of the first lunar month is the “Sheep Day”, which is also known as the “Three Sheep (Yang) opening day”.The fourth day is also the day to welcome the Kitchen God back to the folk, meet the Kitchen God, welcome the five road god of wealth.The fifth day of the first month “Zhuzhi Ci” CAI Yun 5 financial resources for 5 days, a year of temporary reward wish.Beware of other places to meet god early, overnight rush to steal the road.The fifth day of the first lunar month is commonly known as “Po Wu”.On this day, people burn firecrackers and visit doors everywhere to bring prosperous people in a festive atmosphere.They should also pick up a broom to sweep the rubbish out of the house, which means to drive all the dirty things out. It expresses the good wishes of Chinese working people to ward off evil spirits and get rid of disasters, and to welcome good luck and accept good fortune.Click on the card below, read Zen with millions of poetry friends, listen to Zen;Wisdom of life Read Zen, listen to Zen;On the sixth day of the first lunar month, Yao He sends his poor away on this day every year.Thousands of households see, no one does not send poor.The sixth day of the first lunar month, also known as “Horse Day”, on this day to send the poor, is a very distinctive Chinese folk custom.Across China, people are getting out and about, and shops are opening again.It also indicates that farmers in the old days began to field and prepare for spring ploughing on this day.The seventh day of the first month and bianzhou Li Xianggong mianren Day happy spring dai Shulun years good spring, good update today.Alone dish soup pity should section, spread jinsheng happy meet people.Smoke add willow to see still shallow, the birds have fallen on the plum frequency.East at this time wenyichun, turn and the very spring.The seventh day of the first month, also known as “people win day” “people celebrate” and so on.According to folklore, Nu Wa created a man on the first six days, and created a chicken, dog, sheep, pig, cow and horse, and a man on the seventh day. Therefore, the Han people believe that the seventh day is the birthday of people.On this day, parents should not lecture their children.Many places also have the custom of eating dumplings, pancakes, climbing, eating noodles.On the eighth day of the first month, “Spring garden Diffuse xing” Wang Chien Kui day has passed also valley day, plum blossom open to see peach blossom.I throw away my books and throw away my pillow.The eighth day of the lunar New Year is “Grain Day”, which is the birthday of millet.In the Han folk to the eighth day of the first lunar month for the stars of the day, the system of small lights burning and offering, known as shun star, also known as “offering the star, receive the star”.If it is a fine day, it indicates a good harvest of rice this year.On the ninth day of the first month, the ninth day of the first month, the Jade Emperor will be anonymous.The sound of the cannon from the night is not broken, praying for the money.Queen Mother jade pool set a feast, give wine jade nectar.Chang e smell music dance, spread petals run shifang.The ninth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the Jade Emperor, the highest god in heaven.On this day, people prepare fragrant flowers, candles and bowls, and place them in the open air at the entrance of the courtyard alley to offer sacrifices to heaven and ask for god’s blessing, which expresses the good wishes of the Chinese people to ward off evil, avoid disaster and pray for good luck.The tenth day of the first month “New Year 10th song · tenth” unknown at the beginning of the tenth year, to the birthday.There is heaven and earth, not much different than ye niang.Men and cattle live in their houses; rice, wheat and grain live on the ground.Vegetables for sacrifice, and he rejoices on his birthday.Life loyalty, filial piety and integrity, ground dimension to stand.Do your work with your feet on the ground.The 10th day of the first lunar month is the “Stone Festival”. On this day, people avoid moving stone tools and do not move stones.All stone tools such as grinding and grinding cannot be moved, and even sacrificial stones need to be set up for fear of hurting crops.So it is also called “shi immovable” or “shi immovable”.The eleventh day of the first month “the eleventh day of the first month” Pinghui guining day walk home, the husband with respect jia, hospitable kiss weng happy smile, leftovers tea ceremony.On the 11th day of the first lunar month, it is a day for fathers-in-law to have dinner with their sons.In addition to eating on the tenth day, there are still a lot of food left over, so the family does not have to spend money, they use these leftover food to entertain the son-in-law and daughter, Chinese folk song called “eleven please son”.Poetry world, # Good morning!Life is a one-way street, no regret, so we stand at the intersection.I hope you can listen to your heart, do not give up love and be loved, run to you for the video number click on the top of the attention to the twelfth of the first month “twelfth of the first month” Zhang Fu Sheng Nian 12 scissors hide, mouse mouth pinch people’s health.Fire shed lamp order, lion dance drum play high.The 12th day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the mouse in folklore. People create various “programs”, such as pinching the mouth of the mouse and burning the hole of the mouse, to express the people’s hatred of the mouse, but also in the celebration, to drive away the hard work of the year.Other folk activities on this day include hiding scissors and collecting old shoes. People also prepare to celebrate the Lantern Festival by buying lanterns and building lantern shelters.The 13th of the first month “Xinchou the 13th of the first month lanterns idle Yin” sallows lantern row qiao, red hanging dangerous eaves.Sheng Sun star tree, group fairy bamboo shoots maojian.Morning Glory spring planting, shooting tiger month open curtain.Tibet before the flow of gold color, shengping meteorological Tim.The 13th day of the first lunar month is called the “birthday of the lamp holder”.Folk on this day to light a lamp under the kitchen stove, known as “light cooker lamp”.In fact, because the fifteenth day of the first lunar month is approaching, all families try to make lanterns, so it is called “lantern holder” day.The 14th “full moon” Li Chizheng peach branches on the spring breeze early, the first thin luo clothes.Happy year after year, lantern race, when the full moon.Forbidden street xiao drum, cold light night forever, with a heavy hand.Stop people scattered, thousands of doors laugh, sound in curtain curtain.On the 14th day of the first lunar month, Chinese folk activities include drinking liangyan soup, trying lanterns, eating bad soup, worshiping the Goddess of Water and so on.By this day, the year has basically passed, and then comes the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month.Lantern Festival green jade case yuan Xi xin Qiji dongfeng night put thousands of trees.More blown, stars such as rain.BMW carved car fragrance full road.The sound of the flute moves, the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night.Gold thread of moth and willow.The laughter is fragrant.looking for him for thousand times in the crowdSuddenly look back, that person is in, lights dim.The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, Little First Month, Yuanxi festival or Lantern Festival, falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It is one of the traditional Chinese festivals.The 15th day of the first lunar month is the night of the first full moon in a year, so the 15th day of the first lunar month is called the Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival is mainly a series of traditional folk activities, such as watching lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls, guessing lantern riddles and setting off fireworks.Zhan Chu, a poet in the Song Dynasty, has a song called “New Spring” : “The years are new and the spring is new, and the spring is still old.May new things come out of old and New Year’s day.”New Year, new start, new weather.May your love always be with you, your dreams all come true, all the best, and all the best.Source: material from network synthesis, edit: rain dye.