On the second day of the peace Elite KEI semifinals, China B team won four consecutive chicken, and Vietnam team took the first place

2022-06-18 0 By

The peace Elite KEI Tournament, hosted by KS, entered the semifinals on Monday.On the first day of the semifinal, China A team played, and finally they ranked first on the first day with 315 points.On the 19th, the second day of the semifinal was China B team, and their performance was also quite excellent.After 6 games, Team B of China won 4 consecutive chickens and became the team with the highest score on the second day of the semifinal.The two semifinal days down, the feeling of China’s advantage is very big, the two teams should be able to sweep the champion and runner-up.Here is the standings of the teams at the end of day two of the semifinals.Vietnam are currently in first place with 406 overall points, while Thailand are second.But it is temporary, because Vietnam team, Thailand and Malaysia team has participated in the two semi-final, the Chinese team A and team B just participated in A, but the Chinese team single-game integral has been in more than 300 points, if they continue to maintain the advantage in the next game, so the final of “KEI is basically stable.China B team in the 19th match play more stable, the same is 6 teams, which are familiar with the shura, the Red dust, ANBK and so on, they are in the match for the team to get a lot of elimination points.In particular, ANBK is a retired professional player, so he is professional in consciousness and operation, which makes him a senior figure in the team.Although The Chinese B team is very strong, there are also unstable situations.In the first game on Sunday, China’s B team scored 54 points, but its ranking was relatively low.KEI explains that if China’s B team also moved up in the rankings, their points advantage would be even greater, and there would basically be no scoring opportunities for foreign teams.Vietnam had a lower elimination score, but with 30 ranked points, it was only five points lower than China B after the first game.Therefore, In this respect, China B team needs to pay special attention in the following matches.The semifinals of the KEI tournament will continue until May 25.On The 26th and 27th, the finals will be held.I hope That Team A and Team B of China can play steadily to sweep the championship and the second place, and defend the honor of China team.