Hefei: Tomb-sweeping not to engage in “one size fits all” epidemic prevention has both strength and temperature

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In order to do a good job in the worship service guarantee, to ensure that people’s health worship, safe worship, civilized worship, Hefei city to take a series of deployment, so that the Qingming epidemic prevention everywhere embodies the precision and temperature.In order to meet the needs of citizens for qingming festival, the Epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters of Hefei issued a notice on Epidemic prevention and control during Qingming Festival on March 28, which requires that the city’s cemetery and cemetery strictly implement reservation, time-share, staggered peak and flow restriction management.The Hefei Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau immediately issued the “Guide for Citizens to make reservations for Tomb-sweeping Festival during the epidemic period”, informing citizens of the precautions for Tomb-sweeping Festival point-to-point, implementing the three-code joint check (health code, travel code, and reservation code), controlling the number of people to visit the tomb, and firmly guarding the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control.Hefei strengthened the coordination of civil affairs, public security, health, telecommunications, fire and other departments to provide services for the Tomb-sweeping work.The unannounced visits group was formed to conduct unannounced visits to the cemeteries with relatively more personnel for tomb Sweeping day memorial work, requiring on-site rectification of the problems such as the “two code” sign being too low and the dirty parking lot.After unannounced visits and scheduling, hefei cemeteries carried out in an orderly manner.On April 1, Hefei received more than 27,000 people and arranged more than 1,500 people to provide services and guarantee the safe, orderly and smooth operation.Hefei Funeral Management Office immediately worked out a work plan to carry out free “family worship” service for citizens who could not come to visit because of the epidemic. 20,000 gerbera chrysanthemas were purchased. The staff carefully wiped more than 6,000 positions, offered bouquets one by one, and then bowed one by one to convey their feelings of mourning.Luyang District will set up community memorial corners in Haitang and Shuanggang streets from April 1 to 3, free of charge.Residents can bring their portraits and memorial tablets to chase sikok for free sacrifice, which has served more than 100 residents.Up to now, the city has provided free substituting services for more than 130,000 households, providing more than 30,000 free flowers.In addition, from March 31, officials from civil affairs departments at all levels in the city, in addition to the normal personnel on duty, went to the cemetery, cemetery and other sites to provide services, and also organized volunteers in conjunction with the public security, civilization office, health and other departments.Volunteers received training, distributed epidemic prevention supplies, and provided pre-treatment services.On April 2, more than 90 volunteers will be sent to the site of the Xiaoshushan Mausoleum, and another 200 volunteers will be sent from April 3 to prepare for the peak of tomb-sweeping day.(Zhao Shushu reporter Tan Meiling) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn