Dare to think in English?Do you dare to think?

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As long as the mind does not slide, there are more ways than difficulties, so in addition to personality, can change a person’s life, and dare to think, to be ambitious, so dare to think.Can you use dare to think?Let’s take a look at how dare is used. It can be both verbal and military. It can be a common verb or an auxiliary verb.When used as a common verb, it is often followed by an infinitive with to, so the translation of dare to think is grammatically correct.However, dare as a common verb is usually used in negative sentences, or weaker in questions, so dare to think is grammatically correct but not idiomatic or formal, e.g. He won’t dare to break his promise.He dare not break his word.How dare she imply that I was lying?How dare she suggest THAT I’m lying?Although the expression ability of language is very comprehensive and powerful, and the thinking contained in it is very delicate, which is hidden in grammar, sometimes it is necessary to combine some usage habits or regional culture to express the desired meaning more accurately.Part of the reason why so many people translate “dare to think” as “dare to think” is chinglish, which is simple but sometimes too abrupt, and may be used occasionally in an emergency, but is actually informal.In fact, we can use the expression “think big”. It means “to think big”. Many people don’t even have embryos in their brains.Simple combinations such as’ think big ‘with deep meaning are highly recommended, at least over random words, like’ think straight ‘, meaning ‘to think clearly’, as in:After working a 36-hour shift, I can’t think straight and only want to climb into bed.After a 36-hour shift, I was losing my train of thought and just wanted to crawl into bed.The words “big” in “Think big” are used as an adverb that means “great”. The words “big” in “Think big” are largely flat adverbs that do not correspond to the words “-ly” or should not be replaced by the words “big” or “large”.It’s clear that the company was thinking big when they came up with the idea for this product.It was clear when they came up with the idea for this product that the company wanted to do something big.You’re never going to make it big if You don’t put in the hard work.If you don’t work hard, you’ll never succeed.If you want to learn more about the world of Foreign Languages, follow us